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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Greece Questions

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Grade 9 Greece

This amphora was painted in what ancient Greek style?
  1. Black-Figure
  2. Red-Figure
  3. Geometric
  4. Minoan
Grade 9 Greece

What was the name of the latest order of Greek column?
  1. Composite
  2. Corinthian
  3. Papyrus
  4. Tuscan
Grade 9 Greece
Grade 9 Greece

Black-figure pottery was replaced by what style?
  1. White-ground
  2. Orientalizing
  3. Red-figure
  4. Minoan
Grade 9 Greece
How did the Greek philosopher Socrates die?
  1. He was bitten by a serpent
  2. He was forced to drink hemlock
  3. He died of an unknown disease
Grade 9 Greece
Grade 9 Greece
Grade 9 Greece
Which of event or events lead up to the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War?
  1. Athens rebuilding its city walls
  2. A Helot revolt around Sparta
  3. Athens allying itself with traditional enemies of Sparta
  4. All of the above
Grade 9 Greece
Grade 9 Greece

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Grade 9 Greece
Which of the following happened during the first phase of the Peloponnesian War? (There may be more than one correct answer)
  1. Athens conquering then losing Megara and Boeotia
  2. Small scale conflicts between Athens and Spartan allies.
  3. A Spartan invasion of Athens
  4. Return of the Persians to Greece
Grade 9 Greece
Grade 9 Greece
What is the first Greek civilization?
  1. Achaens
  2. Minoans
  3. Trojan
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