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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Mesopotamia Questions

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Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Where did the first civilization develop?
  1. Indus River Valley
  2. China
  3. Eygpt
  4. Mesopotamia
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
The Code of Hammurabi was a major achievement for which of the following reasons?
  1. It was the first major collection of laws.
  2. It treated men and women as equals.
  3. It rejected the the principle of an "eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth."
  4. It started the idea of a Roman senate.
Grade 9 Mesopotamia

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What are the Sumerians known for inventing?
  1. The wheel
  2. Papyrus
  3. Pyramids
  4. Gunpowder
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
The Code of Hammurabi is an example of
  1. written rules for legal procedures
  2. the power of strong kings to control trade
  3. way to conduct wars against neighboring nations
  4. laws passed by absolute rulers
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
The Fertile Crescent that lies between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers has had a significant impact on the Middle East because this area was the site of the
  1. establishment of the first global empire
  2. formation of the state of Isreal
  3. invasion of Kuwait by Iraq
  4. developments of early centers of civilizations
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
What was did the Sumer civilization begin?
  1. 4000 B.C.
  2. 3500 B.C.
  3. 300 B.C
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
What is an artisan?
  1. A skilled worker that makes goods by hand
  2. A professional record keeper
  3. A pyramid shaped monument
  4. One who does art
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Where was cuneiform developed?
  1. Ice Age
  2. Old Stone Age
  3. Mexico
  4. Sumer
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
On what surface did Mesopotamians write?
  1. Papyrus
  2. Paper
  3. Wood tablets
  4. Stone tablets
  5. Clay tablets
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
One of the earliest cities in Sumer was named:
  1. Sumerville
  2. Ur
  3. Ru
  4. Sumeropolis
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
What kind of Empire Sargon create?
  1. Sumerian Empire
  2. Persian Empire
  3. Roman Empire
  4. Akkadian Empire
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
The lands facing the Mediterranean Sea is known as
  1. fertile crescent
  2. Mesopotamia
  3. Persian Gulf
  4. Hammurabi
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
What is a zigguarat?
  1. professional record keeper
  2. skilled worker that makes goods by hand
  3. a rat who runs in a zig-zag fasion
  4. pyramid-shaped monument
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
At the center of all Sumerian cities were a walled temple and a
  1. irrigation ditches
  2. organized government
  3. ziggurat
  4. all of the above
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