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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Mesopotamia Questions

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Grade 10 Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia was located between which 2 rivers?
  1. Tigris and Euphrates
  2. Tigris and Nile
  3. Nile and Euphrates
  4. Euphrates and Egypt
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
What is a Ziggurat?
  1. a large animal
  2. a small city
  3. a market place
  4. a temple
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
Unique among the rulers of this time, Persian emperors
  1. installed governors in their provinces.
  2. tolerated local cultures and laws.
  3. wielded absolute power.
  4. maintained an extensive army.
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
Complete the law: “If a man put out the eye of another man, his                         .”
  1. "his eye shall be saved"
  2. "house shall be taken"
  3. “eye shall be put out.”
  4. "leg shall be cut"
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
A key geographic advantage of the river valley was its
  1. barriers against invasion
  2. sunny climate
  3. fertile land
  4. monsoon winds
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
The main political unit in Sumer was the
  1. city-state
  2. dynasty
  3. kingdom
  4. empire
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
One of Sumer's greatest achievements was
  1. the invention of a base-10 number system
  2. the invention of the calendar
  3. the development of mathematics and astronomy
  4. being the first culture to record epic poetry
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
Sumerian cities became rich due to
  1. their productive farmlands
  2. the sale of abundant natural resources
  3. a thriving timber industry
  4. trade
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
Name the first known complex civilization:
  1. Egypt
  2. Mesopotamia
  3. China
  4. Maya
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
Grade 10 Mesopotamia
A main cause of the decline of the New Kingdom after 1200 B.C. was
  1. Hittite aggression
  2. the death of Ramses II
  3. power struggles among rival nobles
  4. a wave of invasions
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