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College Environmental Science Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these College Environmental Science questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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College Environmental Science
Which of the following are indicators of an improving quality life for humans?
  1. air and water quality is improving
  2. food supply is getting more abundant and safer
  3. Grasslands and wetlands are being restored
  4. decreased infant mortality
  5. All of the above
College Environmental Science
Carbon dioxide is
  1. the most potent (per molecule of gas) of the greenhouse gases.
  2. the most abundant greenhouse gas.
  3. more potent (per molecule of gas) than methane.
  4. the main anthropogenic greenhouse gas produced in the United States.
  5. the only greenhouse gas presently increasing in the atmosphere.
College Environmental Science
Earth's climate
  1. has been stable over the history of the planet
  2. is changing as a result of natural and human processes
  3. will stabilize over the next century, according to the predictions of most scientists
  4. has changed only once due to the evolution of green photosynthesizing plants
  5. history is undeterminable because there is no method of studying climatic history of the planet
College Environmental Science
Which of the following is a non-point pollution source?
  1. Acid mine drainage
  2. A pipe coming out of a factory
  3. Raw sewage being discharged from a cruise ship
  4. Run-off from agricultural fields
  5. A sewage treatment plant
College Environmental Science
Why would the Earth be looked upon as a system?
  1. Due to the earth being complex
  2. Due to earth's density being different throughout
  3. As one aspect changes, another aspect responds to that change
  4. Due to earth being a huge planet
  5. None of the above
College Environmental Science
College Environmental Science
The primary causes of acid deposition are                                 .
  1. tropospheric ozone
  2. sulfur and nitrogen oxides
  3. soil dust and sand
  4. radon gas and fuel wood smoke
  5. carbon monoxide and formaldehyde
College Environmental Science
Energy conservation in the United States
  1. can be accomplished only through changed in environmental laws
  2. is unlikely to ever occur
  3. can be accomplished by changed in tax laws
  4. will be reality only if there is another major war
  5. can be improved as individuals make conscious choices to reduce personal consumption
College Environmental Science
College Environmental Science
College Environmental Science
Photochemical smog differs from industrial smog in that it                                           .
  1. is formed only in the presence of sunlight
  2. has large quantities of soot
  3. is primarily compose of carbon monoxide
  4. consists of primary pollutants
  5. is an unhealthy mixture of pollutants
College Environmental Science
Nuclear energy is power plants is created via                                                          .
  1. fusion of electrons
  2. ionic transformation of atoms
  3. extraction of energy from the nucleus of cells
  4. bombarding radiocative elements with electrons
  5. fissioning uranium atoms by bombarding them with neutrons
College Environmental Science
College Environmental Science
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