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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Matter Questions

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Grade 8 Matter
What is a gas?
  1. It has a definite shape and volume.
  2. It has a definite shape, but no definite volume.
  3. It has no definite shape or volume.
  4. It has no definite shape, but a definite volume.
Grade 8 Matter
Grade 8 Matter
Because of loosely packed molecules, a liquid                                 .
  1. resists flowing
  2. takes the shape of its container
  3. forms droplets
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 Matter
Grade 8 Matter
Sublimation is a change from a
  1. solid to a liquid.
  2. gas to a liquid.
  3. solid to a gas.
  4. liquid to a solid.
Grade 8 Matter
Matter is made of                  .
  1. matter
  2. particles
  3. gravity
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 Matter
A liquid has a                     .
  1. constant temperature
  2. definite shape
  3. crystal structure
  4. definite volume
Grade 8 Matter
Grade 8 Matter
Liquids form into
  1. any shape.
  2. the shape of their container.
  3. no shape.
Grade 8 Matter
Solids have a crystal lattice because the particles                                .
  1. vibrate around fixed positions.
  2. move in all directions.
  3. attract one another strongly.
  4. are not compressible at all.
Grade 8 Matter
Select all of the following that qualify as physical changes.
  1. burning
  2. bending
  3. breaking
  4. dissolving
  5. crushing
  6. evaporating
  7. melting
  8. decaying
Grade 8 Matter
Select all of the following that qualify as chemical properties.
  1. Reactivity with water
  2. pH
  3. Flammability
  4. Rusting
  5. Creating gases
  6. Texture
  7. Color
  8. Creating a new chemical product
Grade 8 Matter
Which is true regarding the solid model?
  1. There are strong forces of attraction between the particles.
  2. The particles move around freely.
  3. There are great open spaces between the particles.
  4. The particles move great distances before they collide.
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