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College Prenatal Care Questions

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College Prenatal Care
How is the germinal period described?
  1. Immune system fighting against germs
  2. where the infant start to release hormones for labor
  3. the first two weeks after conception which includes rapid cell division and the start of cell differentiation.
  4. None of above
College Prenatal Care
How long is the germinal period?
  1. 1 month
  2. 1-2 weeks
  3. 1-8 weeks
  4. 3 months
College Prenatal Care
In the fertile period, which body system does the fetus develop?
  1. Nervous System
  2. immune system
  3. digestive system
  4. None of above
College Prenatal Care
When does the primitive streak appear?
  1. A day after conception
  2. In the embryo period
  3. In the germinal period
  4. After birth
College Prenatal Care
Which of the following choices lists the trimesters of prenatal development in order?
  1. embryonic, germinal, fertile
  2. fertile, germinal, embryonic
  3. germinal, embryonic, fertile
  4. None of above.
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