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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Succession Questions

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Grade 9 Succession
A farmer stops cultivating a large tract of farmland and abandons it. The natural changes taking place soon afterwards, such as the growth of wild grasses and weeds, can be considered secondary succession because
  1. a new ecosystem develops.
  2. there is already soil present.
  3. the land is not controlled by humans.
  4. wild grasses and weeds make soil from rocks.
Grade 9 Succession
Changes that occur in an area that previously had no ecosystem are collectively known as
  1. a disturbance
  2. pioneering
  3. primary succession
  4. secondary succession
Grade 9 Succession
                     occurs following the disruption of an existing ecosystem.
  1. Primary succession
  2. Final succession
  3. Secondary succession
  4. Tertiary succession
Grade 9 Succession
During ecological succession, when are pioneer species found?
  1. During the early stages.
  2. During the late stages.
  3. At the very end.
  4. They are not found at all.
Grade 9 Succession
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