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Succession Questions - All Grades

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Grade 7 Succession
What are the two types of ecological succession?
  1. primary and secondary
  2. abiotic and biotic
  3. plant and animal
  4. erosion and deposition
Grade 7 Succession
What is ecological succession?
  1. decrease of population over time
  2. change of water levels over time
  3. increase of wind speed over time
  4. decrease and increase of diversity in a population over time
Grade 7 Succession
The normal gradual changes that occur in the types of species that live in an area is
  1. respiration.
  2. succession.
  3. biotic factors.
  4. abiotic factors.
Grade 7 Succession
What is equilibrium?
  1. disruption in an ecosystem
  2. balance in an ecosystem
  3. plants and animals interacting
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 Succession
Grade 7 Succession
What factors change in ecological succession?
  1. plants and rocks
  2. animals and soil
  3. plants only
  4. animals and plants
Grade 7 Succession
What occurs during ecological succession?
  1. loss of only plants from an ecosystem
  2. gain of snow in an environment
  3. loss and gain of plants and animals in an environment
  4. the gain of only animals in an environment
Grade 9 Succession
What process results in the development of a new ecosystem where there was not one before?
  1. secondary succession
  2. primary succession
  3. tertiary succession
  4. first succession
Grade 7 Succession
Grade 9 Succession
During ecological succession, when are pioneer species found?
  1. during the early stages
  2. during the late stages
  3. at the very end
  4. never
Grade 7 Succession
Grade 8 Succession
Grade 7 Succession
Grade 7 Succession
What event or situation can lead to primary succession in a forest?
  1. asexual reproduction
  2. forest fire
  3. little wind
  4. more vegetation
Grade 7 Succession
Secondary succession occurs when
  1. everything is dead.
  2. everything is living and how it should be.
  3. there is little but still some plant life.
  4. the environment is gone to extinction.
Grade 10 Succession
The first organisms to repopulate an area affected by a volcanic eruption are
  1. pioneer species.
  2. primary producers.
  3. climax species.
  4. keystone species.
Grade 8 Succession
When an area is burned in a forest fire, plants and animals begin to return to the burned area with
  1. primary succession.
  2. secondary succession.
  3. pioneer species.
  4. climax community.
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