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Biomes Questions - All Grades

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Grade 10 Biomes
This biome has four seasons.
  1. desert
  2. tropical rainforest
  3. grassland
  4. temperate deciduous forest
Grade 9 Biomes
An area with its own unique geography and climate is a
  1. biome.
  2. continent.
  3. latitude.
  4. mass.
Grade 11 Biomes

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Which biome is located directly on the equator?
  1. savanna
  2. desert
  3. tropical rainforest
  4. deciduous forest
Grade 9 Biomes
Which biome has a layer of permafrost?
  1. desert
  2. prairie
  3. savanna
  4. tundra
Grade 10 Biomes
All life on Earth exists in
  1. the biosphere.
  2. ecology.
  3. a biome.
  4. an ecosystem.
Grade 10 Biomes
Earth's coldest and harshest biome is the
  1. tropical seasonal forest.
  2. taiga.
  3. temperate forest.
  4. tundra.
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 10 Biomes
An ecosystem found over a large geographic area is a(n)
  1. habitat.
  2. biosphere.
  3. biome.
  4. ecosystem.
Grade 10 Biomes
A rain forest is an example of a(n)
  1. organic molecule.
  2. ecosystem.
  3. controlled experiment.
  4. electron transport chain.
Grade 10 Biomes
Permafrost characterizes the biome
  1. savanna.
  2. tundra.
  3. taiga.
  4. boreal forest.
Grade 9 Biomes
Greenland is an example of a
  1. temperate desert.
  2. savanna.
  3. prairie.
  4. tundra.
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 11 Biomes
Grade 10 Biomes
Biomes are determined based on what two factors?
  1. abiotic and biotic factors
  2. average temperature and average precipitation
  3. amount of sunlight and nutrient availability
  4. average carbon dioxide emissions and average rainfall
Grade 9 Biomes
Which description is used to identify a biome?
  1. average precipitation and temperature
  2. characteristic community of organisms, particularly plants
  3. distance from the equator
  4. specific geographical location
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