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Supporting Details Questions - All Grades

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Grade 7 Supporting Details
I use the details in the text to help me determine the implied main idea. Details are...
  1. the author's purpose
  2. the author's point of view
  3. the who, what, when, where, why and how of the text
Grade 3 Supporting Details
What do supporting details do?
  1. They help back up or support the main idea.
  2. They tell you what to do.
Grade 2 Supporting Details
Grade 2 Supporting Details
What does a supporting detail do?
  1. It tells you the main idea
  2. It gives more information about the main idea
  3. It gives you the conclusion
  4. It tells you who the narrator is
Grade 1 Supporting Details
Grade 7 Supporting Details
Which sentence provides another supporting detail for the paragraph?

The diamondback rattlesnake is named for the diamond-shaped markings on its back and the rattling sounds it makes. The rattling sounds are caused by a loose rattle on the end of its tail. Diamondbacks are found in the southeastern United States and may grow to a weight of 30-35 pounds.
  1. The novel of A Feast of Snakes was written by Harry Crews.
  2. The first baby rattle might have been a piece of dried fruit.
  3. The eastern diamond back is also called the water rattlesnake.
  4. The snakemouth, with its pink flowers, is found in the eastern U.S.
Grade 7 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.8, RI.7.8

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In the first paragraph, the author states Michael Jordan was born for greatness. Which sentence from the passage best supports that statement?
  1. Michael Jordan went on to lead the Bulls to three more finals championships.
  2. After going in and out of the league a couple more times, he finally officially retired on April 16, 2003.
  3. Michael Jordan finished as the NBA’s third leading scorer of all time, won the scoring title nine times, and made the all-defensive team nine times.
  4. Off the court Michael has an extremely successful brand of shoes, called Jordans, owns the Charlotte Hornets, and has made appearances in many different movies, including the iconic Space Jam.
Grade 7 Supporting Details
Having a purpose for reading helps me to
  1. remember what I have read.
  2. understand what I am reading.
  3. understand the author's purpose.
  4. find the information I am looking for.
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