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Grade 10

The Cold Equations - Science Fiction - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Tenth Grade (Grade 10)

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Grade 10 The Cold Equations
Which of the following is not true about Mr. Mead (the walker)?
  1. he has walked the streets alone every night for years
  2. He is happily married and has a lovely family
  3. He wears sneakers so that dogs won't hear him walk by
  4. His house is the only brightly lit house in the neighborhood
Grade 10 The Cold Equations
When Marilyn first realizes the gravity (seriousness) of her situation, she
  1. asks Barton a series of questions, seeking hope
  2. bursts into tears
  3. attempts to take command of the EDS
  4. withdraws deep into her own thoughts
Grade 10 The Cold Equations
On first discovering who the stowaway is, Barton is shocked because
  1. he has never had to use the stowaway rule
  2. he is a friend of Marilyn's brother Gerry
  3. the gauge had indicated a much heavier person
  4. he had expected to find a male stowaway
Grade 10 The Cold Equations
Why is there no one in the police car?
  1. Mr. Mead only imagines the car
  2. the lights are too bright
  3. the police are hidden
  4. the car is automatically controlled
Grade 10 The Cold Equations
Why does Mr. Mead agree that one might say writing is not a profession?
  1. Writers do not need a professional license to write
  2. Writers are not needed for television shows
  3. Mr. Mead no longer earns a living from writing
  4. Mr. Mead doesn't consider writing to be an important profession
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