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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Cause and Effect Questions

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Grade 4 :: Cause and Effect by DecorDoris
Micheal and Jorge were at the bus stop very early. After about an hour, the bus did not come. They wondered where all the other kids were that morning. Soon they decided to return home.

What was the most likely cause that the bus never arrived?
  1. Micheal and Jorge had the measles.
  2. All the other kids were sick.
  3. Micheal and Jorge had forgotten that it was a holiday.
  4. The bus broke down.
Grade 4 :: Cause and Effect by somedude
Frank Jones loves going fishing. One Saturday afternoon, he went fishing and caught a humongous fish. However, the fish got away because Frank hadn't tied the string tight enough and it broke.

What was the cause of the fish getting away?
  1. The string wasn't tight enough and it broke.
  2. The hook broke.
  3. A screw came out of the rod.
  4. The fish got away
  5. Nina had the worst day of her life
Grade 4 :: Cause and Effect by EMaria
Select best possible effect for this cause:

Mark lost his key.
  1. He will be home late.
  2. He will not be able to unlock the door.
  3. He will buy a snack.
  4. He will get a haircut.
Grade 4 :: Cause and Effect by misty1
Read the following and then choose the cause.
Nina overslept this morning. When she arrived at school, she remembered that she had forgotten her Reading book on her desk at home
  1. Nina forgot her book at school.
  2. Nina forgot her book on her desk.
  3. Nina was tired .
  4. Nina overslept this morning.
  5. none of these
Grade 4 :: Cause and Effect by EMaria
Select the most likely CAUSE for the following EFFECT:

Steven cut his finger.
  1. Outside Steven walked around.
  2. In the house Steven ate pizza.
  3. Yesterday Steven ran.
  4. Steven picked up broken glass.
Grade 4 :: Cause and Effect by cornage
Which word is NOT used to signal a cause and effect sentence?
  1. so
  2. because
  3. therefore
  4. first
Grade 4 :: Cause and Effect by ZodieSheridan
The CAUSE happens AFTER the EFFECT.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 :: Cause and Effect by ZodieSheridan
Which group of words are signal words for cause and effect?
  1. first, last, then, finally
  2. above, below, under, next
  3. last, finally, and then, once
  4. since, so, because, due to the fact
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