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Old Yeller Questions - All Grades

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The Old Yeller questions below are in the following grade levels:
Grades: 5
Grade 5 :: Old Yeller by nstrobel
What is Travis doing when Arliss meets the bear?
  1. splitting rails
  2. chopping firewood
  3. repairing the fence
Grade 5 :: Old Yeller by nstrobel
What does Travis say the yeller dog will do to Arliss?
  • Travis says that the yeller dog will make the biggest liar in Texas out of Arliss.
Grade 5 :: Old Yeller by nstrobel
How does Mama treat, Arliss' hands after the fish "fins"him?
  • She treats Arliss' hands by wrapping them in a poultice of mashed-up prickly-pear root to draw out the poison.
Grade 5 :: Old Yeller by nstrobel
What does Arliss do that upsets his mother?
  • Arliss upsets his mother by bringing home animals of every kind.
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