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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Rocks Questions

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Grade 4 Rocks
What are rocks made of?
  1. minerals
  2. seeds
  3. living things
  4. wood
Grade 4 Rocks
The cycle of old rocks turning into new rocks is called                     .
  1. the mineral cycle
  2. the sedimentary cycle
  3. the fossil cycle
  4. the rock cycle
Grade 4 Rocks
Grade 4 Rocks
When magma cools it forms igneous rock. Where is magma found?
  1. above ground
  2. underground
  3. on a mountain
  4. on the outside of a volcano
Grade 4 Rocks
Sally is observing a piece of obsidian with a hand lens. She knows that igneous rock has many properties. Which is a property of igneous rock?
  1. It is always very soft.
  2. It is always formed when molten rock cools.
  3. It is made of crushed animal shells, bone and teeth.
  4. It forms when heat and pressure change other rocks.
Grade 4 Rocks
Cooled lava on Earth's surface turns into
  1. magma
  2. a sedimentary rock
  3. a metamorphic rock
  4. an igneous rock
Grade 4 Rocks
Grade 4 Rocks
What natural forces cause rocks to change into metamorphic rock?
  1. pressure from above and heat from the magna
  2. transportation and heat in the layers below the rock
  3. heat and pressure from the magna
  4. pressure and weathering in the layers above the rock
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