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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Rocks Questions

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Grade 9 Rocks
Sediment                     into sedimentary rock.
  1. Compacts or cements
  2. Morphs
  3. Melts
  4. Crystallizes
Grade 9 Rocks
Grade 9 Rocks
Which sediment material has greatest porosity?
  1. Spherical particles
  2. Angular particles
  3. Semi-flat particles
  4. Triangular particles
Grade 9 Rocks
Stalactites and stalagmites are found in
  1. caverns
  2. glaciers
  3. geysers
  4. Karst topography
Grade 9 Rocks
Grade 9 Rocks
When does "uplift" occur in the rock cycle?
  1. when buried rocks are brought to the surface
  2. when magma rises and cools
  3. when there is extreme weather erosion
  4. when there is faulting or folding
Grade 9 Rocks

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Grade 9 Rocks
A metamorphic rock can be best classified according to its
  1. density and texture
  2. color and composition
  3. texture and composition
  4. density and color
Grade 9 Rocks
What kind of rock is subjected to tectonic forces that can change its structure?
  1. Metamorphic Rock
  2. Igneous Rock
  3. Volcanic Rock
  4. Sedimentary Rock
Grade 9 Rocks
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