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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Rocks Questions

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Grade 5 :: Rocks by sinclair147
Igneous rock is formed from:
  1. crystals left behind when water evaporated
  2. meteorites that fell to Earth
  3. melted rock material that cooled and hardened
  4. layers of sediment that were squeezed together
Grade 5 :: Rocks by donnasgriffin
Grade 5 :: Rocks by postre01
Grade 5 :: Rocks by SMulloy
What is composition?
  1. A rock's chemical makeup or combination of minerals which it is made.
  2. The process by which regions of the earth's crust rise to higher elevations.
  3. A banded texture.
  4. A non-banded texture.
Grade 5 :: Rocks by Ureesha
Grade 5 :: Rocks by Ureesha
Grade 5 :: Rocks by postre01
The building blocks of rocks are
  1. luster
  2. grains
  3. minerals
  4. sedimentary
Grade 5 :: Rocks by sinclair147
Fossils are most often found in
  1. sedimentary rock
  2. lava
  3. sand
  4. igneous rock
Grade 5 :: Rocks by sinclair147
The main ingredient in soil is
  1. bacteria
  2. weathered rock
  3. decayed animal material
  4. decayed plant material
Grade 5 :: Rocks by smitty6310
Grade 5 :: Rocks by postre01
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