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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Rocks Questions

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Grade 5 Rocks
Sedimentary rock is not formed by
  1. the constant layering of the sediments
  2. pressure on sediment layers
  3. compaction and cementation
  4. doing experiments
Grade 5 Rocks
Rocks change in a predictable pattern know as                  the rock cycle                 .
Grade 5 Rocks
Metamorphic rocks have been modified by (select all appropriate choices)
  1. Air
  2. Heat
  3. Pressure
  4. Chemical Processes
Grade 5 Rocks
What do all rocks have in common?
  1. same color
  2. they all have minerals
  3. same shape
  4. same size
Grade 5 Rocks
Sandstone, amber and limestone are examples of                 rock.
  1. Igneous
  2. Metamorphic
  3. Sedimentary
Grade 5 Rocks
Why cycle is this?

The name given to the continual process by which new rock forms from old rock material.
  1. The magma cycle
  2. The water cycle
  3. The weathering cycle
  4. The rock cycle
Grade 5 Rocks
Marble, jade and gneiss are examples of                 rock.
  1. Igneous
  2. Metamorphic
  3. Sedimentary
Grade 5 Rocks
Over time igneous rocks become sedimentary rocks, sedimentary rocks then become metamorphic rocks. This is know as the
  1. water cycle
  2. geologic cycle
  3. atmosphere cycle
  4. rock cycle
Grade 5 Rocks
Rocks are constantly being formed and destroyed in a process called the                  rock cycle                  .
Grade 5 Rocks
Igneous rock is formed                                              by crystallization of molten rock or magma                                             .
Grade 5 Rocks
Igneous rock is formed from:
  1. crystals left behind when water evaporated
  2. meteorites that fell to Earth
  3. melted rock material that cooled and hardened
  4. layers of sediment that were squeezed together
Grade 5 Rocks
Which type of bedrock is the most common in southern China?
  1. gypsum
  2. stalagmite
  3. limestone
  4. Miao
Grade 5 Rocks
What hot, liquid rock spews out of an erupting volcano?
  1. ash
  2. magma
  3. lava
  4. carbon dioxide
Grade 5 Rocks
Melted rock that is beneath Earth's surface is called
  1. magma
  2. lava
  3. sediment
  4. sand
Grade 5 Rocks
Rocks do NOT cycle through the Earth system.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 5 Rocks
The flow of rock through the Earth system is called the:
  1. water cycle
  2. energy
  3. rock cycle
  4. ground flow
Grade 5 Rocks
                is a dark, fine-grained rock.
  1. Fossil
  2. Granite
  3. Coral
  4. Basalt
Grade 5 Rocks
High heat and pressure can change igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks into
  1. igneous
  2. minerals
  3. metamorphic
  4. sedimentary
Grade 5 Rocks
The rock light in color and has course grains is called:
  1. Basalt
  2. Granite
  3. Fossil
  4. Coral
Grade 5 Rocks
Fossils are most often found in
  1. sedimentary rock
  2. lava
  3. sand
  4. igneous rock
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