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Romiette and Julio - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Romiette and Julio questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 7 Romiette and Julio
How did Romiette and Julio meet?
  1. On the internet
  2. At school
  3. Through friends
  4. At a party
Grade 8 Romiette and Julio
The gangbangers kidnapped Romiette and Julio. "The whole ordeal only took three minutes." In that period of time, which of the following events did not take place?
  1. Julio tried to twist toward her, but the barrel of the gun pushed deeper.
  2. Romi yelled, but was covered with a sweatshirt and placed in the Cadillac.
  3. Julio was shot and placed in the trunk of the Cadillac.
  4. The Cadillac sped off before Ben and Destiny realized what happened.
Grade 8 Romiette and Julio
Romiette's Journal was printed in a different font then other parts of the book. How else does the author reveal the character's thoughts or fears through text structures?
  1. The characters' thoughts are not revealed through text structures.
  2. The author does not reveal the characters' thoughts.
  3. The author uses italics when revealing the characters' thoughts.
  4. The author wrote in print to reveal characters' thoughts.
Grade 8 Romiette and Julio
What are Romiette and Julio's plans for revealing the gangbangers?
  1. Romiette and Julio will walk in London Woods to video the gangbangers' threats.
  2. Romiette and Ben will use his camera in London Woods to video the gangbangers.
  3. Destiney will fly to London to meet the gangbangers in the woods.
  4. Romiette and Julio will video the gangbangers in the cafeteria.
Grade 8 Romiette and Julio
Which statement best describes the outcome of Romiette and Julio's plan?
  1. The plan was going well until Ben's car kept backfiring.
  2. The plan was going well until Romi and Julio car kept backfiring.
  3. The plan was going well until the gangbangers spotted Destiny's car.
  4. The plan was going well until the gangbangers' car came from the other direction.
Grade 8 Romiette and Julio
Why was Julio so interested in showing Romiette the trees in London Woods?
  1. He wanted Romi to hear what the trees had to say.
  2. He didn't want Ben and Destiny to see them when they kissed.
  3. He didn't want Romi to grow roots on the sidewalk.
  4. He wanted to keep Romi safe from the Devildogs.
Grade 8 Romiette and Julio
Who is the author of Romiette and Julio?
  1. Malaka Grimes
  2. Romiette Capelli
  3. Sharon Draper
  4. Maria Montague
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