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Watsons Go to Birmingham - Historical Fiction - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

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Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Where was Kenny going when he disappeared every day?
  1. He was hiding behind the couch in the living room.
  2. He was going up into the attic.
  3. He was going out into the garage under the woodpile.
  4. He as going under the back porch.
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Dad talked with Kenny about the reasons they were sending Byron to Alabama. What did Dad tell Kenny?
  1. Grandma Sands had raised ten boys and they were all fine men. The parents thought she could get Byron to straighten up.
  2. Byron was taking up too much of their time and attention. They were sending him away so they could concentrate on raising the other two children.
  3. They thought that spending some time in the South would open Byron's eyes to the way the world could be.
  4. They felt like failures as parents and needed help.
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Where did Byron have to sleep the night before the family left on the trip?
  1. He had to sleep in his parent's closet.
  2. He had to sleep at the police station.
  3. He had to sleep at Buphead's house.
  4. He had to sleep on the floor in his parents' room.
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
What did Byron do when Kenny was out of the water?
  1. Byron beat up Kenny for being reckless.
  2. Byron ran home to get towels and a blanket.
  3. Byron kissed the top of Kenny's head.
  4. Byron gave Kenny CPR to help him breathe again.
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Which statement does not describe something about Momma's notebook?
  1. The title of the notebook was "The Weird Watsons on the Road."
  2. She had drawn a bee and a flower on the cover.
  3. Inside, she had written down plans for the trip, including expenses.
  4. She had a list of who got the windows each day.
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
What was the noise that Kenny and the others heard?
  1. It was a sonic boom from an airplane.
  2. It was a tornado
  3. It was a cannon.
  4. It was a bomb.
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Kenny described the                               as the scariest things he had ever seen.
  1. A mountain in a pick-up truck
  2. Black bears at the rest stop
  3. The Wool Pooh
  4. Appalachian Mountains
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Dad planned ahead of time to do something on the trip but not tell Momma. What was it?
  1. Dad had planned to sell the car and buy a new one.
  2. Dad had planned to stop for two days in the mountains.
  3. Dad had planned to drive straight through.
  4. Dad had planned to pick up a cousin in Tennessee.
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
What was Kenny waiting for?
  1. He was waiting for the dark cloud to cover over his head to break up.
  2. He was waiting for his mother to tell him that things were fine.
  3. He was waiting for some magic powers to come and make him feel better.
  4. He was waiting for the minister to come and tell him the girls were in heaven.
Grade 6 Watsons Go to Birmingham
Where were Kenny and Byron sleeping at night?
  1. They were both sleeping in Byron's bed.
  2. Kenny was sleeping right behind the couch and Byron was sleeping on the couch.
  3. They were sleeping in a tent in the back yard.
  4. Kenny was sleeping with his parents and Byron was sleeping in Joey's room.
Grade 5 Watsons Go to Birmingham
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