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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Earth Science Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 5 Earth Science questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 5 Environmental Science
We can take waste materials like newspaper and glass and use them again. If we                 them, they are collected and sent to plants that will turn them into new products. This will also reduce the size of landfills.
  1. remove
  2. reduce
  3. reuse
  4. recycle
Grade 5 Environmental Science
                       are living and nonliving things found on Earth that people need.
  1. Fossil fuels
  2. Renewable resources
  3. Nonrenewable resources
  4. Natural resources
Grade 5 Volcanoes
Steep-sided volcanoes composed of many layers of volcanic rocks, usually made from high-viscosity lava, ash and rock debris.
  1. Cinder Cones
  2. Composite Volcanoes
  3. Shield Volcanoes
  4. Lava Volcanoes
Grade 5 Soil

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Soil contains
  1. only clay and no humus.
  2. silt and sand, but never clay.
  3. humus and clay, but never sand.
  4. rock, silt, sand, clay and humus.
Grade 5 Geomorphology
The process in which materials are eroded by weather or ice and are dropped into a new place, creating a new landform
  1. Weathering
  2. Deposition
  3. Erosion
Grade 5 Environmental Science
Freshwater can become polluted and unsafe for drinking or cooking. The word that most closely defines polluted is                .
  1. contained
  2. salt water
  3. purified
  4. contaminated
Grade 5 Tectonics
When plates collide into each other, this event often causes                 to form.
  1. valleys
  2. mountains
  3. continents
  4. hurricanes
Grade 5 Tectonics
When plates slide past each other, this may cause a(n)                 to occur.
  1. tornado
  2. mountain
  3. volcano
  4. earthquake
Grade 5 Atmosphere
A devise used to tell wind direction is called a(n)                .
  1. anemometer
  2. land breeze
  3. weather vane
  4. convection cell
Grade 5 Geomorphology
Erosion occurs when sediment is moved by wind, ice, or moving water.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 5 Rocks
Which of the rocks below is an igneous rock made by lava?
  1. granite
  2. quartz
  3. basalt
  4. sandstone
Grade 5 Earth's Layers
What is the correct order of Earth's layers?
  1. Mantle, Core, Crust
  2. Mantle, Crust, Core
  3. Crust, Core, Mantle
  4. Crust, Mantle, Core
Grade 5 Atmosphere
A place's                 is the patterns of weather over many years.
  1. temperature
  2. humidity
  3. heat
  4. climate
Grade 5 Rocks
Fossils are most often found in
  1. sedimentary rock.
  2. lava.
  3. sand.
  4. igneous rock.
Grade 5 Environmental Science
Which is the best reason why understanding global warming so important?
  1. It can negatively affect plants and animals, but not people.
  2. It can negatively affect people, but not plants and animals.
  3. It can negatively affect people, plants, and animals.
Grade 5 Atmosphere
What layer are satellites found?
  1. Mesosphere
  2. Thermosphere
  3. Stratosphere
  4. Troposphere
Grade 5 Tectonics
A crack in the crust is a                .
  1. delta
  2. fault
  3. plate
  4. topography
Grade 5 Volcanoes
A mountain that forms as molten rock flows from within Earth to the surface is a(n)                .
  1. earthquake
  2. epicenter
  3. delta
  4. volcano
Grade 5 Geomorphology
What changes Earth's surface?
  1. volcanoes
  2. weathering
  3. erosion
  4. all of the above
Grade 5 Environmental Science
What is an example of a perpetual renewable resource?
  1. coal
  2. wind
  3. oil
  4. gas
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