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College Taxonomy Questions

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College Taxonomy
Construction of phylogenetic trees (cladograms) is based on the assumption that
  1. new species are formed at a constant and predictable rate
  2. characteristics shared among species reflect descent from a common ancestor
  3. homologous features usually cannot be distinguished from analogous features
  4. most species frequently
College Taxonomy
Which of the following men founding the modern classification system in taxonomy?
  1. R. H. Whittaker
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Carl Linnaeus
  4. Erasmus Darwin
College Taxonomy
Which are the "3 domains"?
  1. Plantae, Fungi, Eukaryotes
  2. Eukaryotes, Archaea, Fungi
  3. Eukaryotes, Archaea, Bacteria
  4. Archaea, Eukaryotes, Fungi
College Taxonomy
College Taxonomy
Which of the following are domains?
  1. bacteria, animalia, and protists
  2. eukarya, protists, and fungi
  3. planta, animalia, and archea
  4. archea, protists, and fungi
  5. bacteria, eukarya, and archea
College Taxonomy
A central goal of the classification of organisms based on the evolutionary history is to create taxa that                                                     .
  1. groups together as much diversity as possible
  2. contain a single species
  3. include taxa that all descend from a common ancestor
  4. based on convergent evolution
College Taxonomy
Quercus rubra and quercus alba are scientific names that have                                                .
  1. have the same species
  2. different species, same genus
  3. different genera in same family
  4. different species, more info cannot be inferred
College Taxonomy
Which of the following all belong to the domain Eukarya?
  1. Bacteria, Protists, Plantae
  2. Plantae, Archaea, Fungi
  3. Animalia, Bacteria, Protists
  4. Bacteria, Archaea, Protists
  5. Animalia, Fungi, Protists
College Taxonomy
How many kingdoms are there in Whittakers phylogenetic tree? What are they?
  1. 5; Plantae, Fungi, Animalia, Protista, Monera
  2. 4; Plantae, Fungi, Animalia, Protista
  3. 3; Plantae, Fungi, Animalia
  4. 2; Plantae, Animalia
College Taxonomy
Which of following is NO LONGER a domain?
  1. Monera
  2. Bacteria
  3. Eukarya
  4. Animalia
College Taxonomy
On what is molecular clock data based?
  1. DNA dissimilarities in living species
  2. finding homologies among living organisms
  3. common adaptations among animals
  4. DNA fingerprinting of fossils
  5. All of the above are correct
College Taxonomy
College Taxonomy
Which of the following describes systematics?
  1. studies evolutionary relationships
  2. includes taxonomy and classification
  3. includes phylogenetic trees
  4. utilizes fossil, morphological, and molecular data
  5. All of the above are correct
College Taxonomy
Segmented worms belong to what phylum?
  1. annelida
  2. Porifera
  3. Echinodermata
  4. Chordata
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