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Ultimate Frisbee Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Ultimate Frisbee questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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None Ultimate Frisbee
An interception is when                                                       .
  1. the defense catches the frisbee from the offensive team
  2. the offense catches the frisbee
  3. one team intercepts the other teams strategy
  4. one team steals the other teams plays
Grade 9 Ultimate Frisbee
When a pass is slapped to the ground by the defense which team gets possession of the disc?
  1. defense get possession at that spot
  2. offense gets a redo
  3. offense gets possession at that spot
  4. defense gets possession but must move back 5 yards.
Grade 9 Ultimate Frisbee
During game play the disc is thrown out of bounds by the offense, what is the call?
  1. The disc is awarded to the defense at the spot the disc went out of bounds
  2. The offense gets a re-thrown
  3. The defense gets the disc at mid-court
  4. The offense is awarded the disc at the defensive goal line.
Grade 9 Ultimate Frisbee
Grade 9 Ultimate Frisbee
If an offensive player catches the disc while stationary, he/she may:
  1. take 3 steps in any direction.
  2. may not move.
  3. may pivot in order to throw the disc.
  4. take take one step forward.
Grade 9 Ultimate Frisbee
After a team has scored a touchdown in Ultimate Frisbee, what happens next?
  1. The team who scored lines up for an extra point attempt.
  2. The team who was scored on walks to the opposite side, and will receive the ensuing pull.
  3. The team who was scored on quickly picks up the disc and puts it into play.
  4. The team who gave up the score comes off, and the next team waiting in line will line up to play.
None Ultimate Frisbee
Grade 9 Ultimate Frisbee
In ultimate frisbee players include...
  1. wingmen, backmen, forwardmen.
  2. guards, centers, forwards.
  3. defenders, forwards and centers.
  4. throwers, markers and recievers.
Grade 9 Ultimate Frisbee
If a Frisbee is caught or picked up in the end zone after a pull,..
  1. the player may immediately walk the Frisbee to the goal line and put it into play
  2. the player may immediatley put the frisbee into play
  3. the player may walk the Frisbee to the 15-yd marker and put it into play
  4. Both A and B
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