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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Culinary Arts Questions

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Grade 7 Food Safety
Grade 7 Food Safety
Why do we need to wash our hands before we eat or handle food?
  1. To prevent illness
  2. To avoid cross-contamination
  3. To keep our food germ-free
  4. All of the above
Grade 7 Culinary Arts
A convection oven                                              .
  1. cooks faster than a microwave oven.
  2. cook exactly the same as a conventional oven.
  3. is the only part of a range.
  4. uses a fan to help circulate the heat.
Grade 7 Culinary Arts
Grade 7 Culinary Arts
A                           would be the best small appliance to use when cooking on low for a long period of time.
  1. blender or electric mixer
  2. toaster oven
  3. crockpot or slow cooker.
  4. electric skillet.
  5. microwave oven.
Grade 7 Culinary Arts
A tool that can be used to cut shortening flour is a                .
  1. cutting board.
  2. rolling pin.
  3. wire whisk.
  4. pastry blender.
  5. skillet trivet.
Grade 7 Food Safety
The best way to avoid getting your fingers caught in a mixer                                                         .
  1. turn the beaters away from you when removing them.
  2. turn the beaters toward you when removing them.
  3. remove the beaters as soon as you turn off the mixer.
  4. removed the beaters after unplugging the electric mixer.
Grade 7 Culinary Arts
A basic range includes                                   .
  1. broiler and oven
  2. cooktop and oven.
  3. cooktop, broiler, and toaster pan.
  4. cooktop, broiler, and oven.
Grade 7 Culinary Arts
A                   could be used to chop, sliced, mix, blend, and knead dough.
  1. electric blender.
  2. food processor.
  3. food separator.
  4. electric oven.
Grade 7 Food Safety
An appliance should not be placed in water unless it is labeled                                   .
  1. with an UL symbol.
  2. with an American seal of approval.
  3. made in America tag.
  4. "immersible"
  5. free coupon for purchase tag.
Grade 7 Culinary Arts
Grade 7 Culinary Arts
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