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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Culinary Arts Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 9 Culinary Arts questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 9 Culinary Skills
How should you hold a knife?
  1. Hold the handle with one hand. Hold the food item with the other and tuck your fingers in.
  2. Hold the handle with one hand and the blade with the other.
  3. Hold the hand with your hand and use your fingers to guide the blade.
  4. Hold the handle with one hand. Relax your other hand by your side.
Grade 9 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Letting harmful bacteria spread from raw foods to other foods is called                      .
  1. cross-contamination
  2. parallel-contamination
  3. uni-contamination
  4. pseudo-contamination
Grade 9 Baking Skills
Grade 9 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
How do you walk safely with a knife?
  1. Hold it facing up with the blade on a slight angle.
  2. Hold it facing out and on a slight angle.
  3. Hold it facing down and on a slight angle.
  4. Hold it by the blade and on a slight angle.
Grade 9 Meal Planning
Grade 9 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
Identify the behaviour that is not safe while cooking in the kitchen.
  1. keep cupboards and drawers closed after using them
  2. keep tools and equipment away from the edge of the counter
  3. wait until you're finished cooking before cleaning spills on the floor
  4. communicate when you are opening the oven or carrying hot food to the sink
Grade 9 Baking Skills
How do we know when we've sufficiently kneaded bread dough?
  1. the dough is smooth, not sticky, and holds its shape
  2. when your dominant hand feels fatigued
  3. time kneading for exactly 5 minutes
  4. time kneading for exactly 3 minutes
Grade 9 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
What is a serrated knife?
  1. A knife with a zig-zag edge that is used to cut bread with.
  2. A long knife with a smooth blade.
  3. A small knife used for cutting herbs.
  4. A small knife used for cutting small ingredients.
Grade 9 Meal Planning
Identify the options not included in a recipe.
  1. yield and ingredient amount
  2. yield and step by step instructions
  3. yield and altitude adjustments
  4. yield and cooking/baking temperature and time
Grade 9 Culinary Skills
Grade 9 Culinary Skills
Usually, baking recipes suggest exact                      to use.
  1. type of mixer
  2. flour brand
  3. container size
  4. colour of baking sheet
Grade 9 Culinary Skills
When following a recipe, this is the most helpful practice to acquire.
  1. don't preheat oven in advance
  2. only read one step at a time
  3. be creative with suggested equipment
  4. carefully read the recipe through twice
Grade 9 Culinary Skills
Which is not a required part of a recipe?
  1. ingredients
  2. cooking time
  3. equipment needed
  4. nutritional values
Grade 9 Culinary Skills
What do you do when you have finished using a knife?
  1. Put it away immediately.
  2. Wash it individually in the sink, rinse it, dry it and put it away.
  3. Place it behind the taps and wash it with your other dishes.
  4. Put it in the sink to soak.
Grade 9 Baking Skills
Whether by hand or machine, what is the main reason that we knead bread dough?
  1. to warm the liquid ingredient in the dough
  2. to activate the sugar that softens the dough
  3. to thoroughly incorporate the salt
  4. to activate gluten that gives bread structure
Grade 9 Baking Skills
Identify the four basic ingredients when baking bread.
  1. milk, flour, yeast, grains
  2. flour, water, yeast, salt
  3. flour, water, nutritional yeast, salt
  4. whole grain flour, baking soda, water, salt
Grade 9 Baking Skills
Most bread dough recipes call for two risings, why is this?
  1. bread dough doesn't need to rise
  2. allows better reversal of the leavening process
  3. to better cool the dough which inhibits fermentation
  4. allows for respiration that occurs with fermentation
Grade 9 Baking Skills
At what stage during bread making does final proofing occur?
  1. when you see yeast growing in water and sugar
  2. when you tap on a loaf of bread to test doneness
  3. when the dough is shaped after its final rise
  4. when the dough is shaped right after kneading
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