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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Culinary Arts Questions

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Grade 12 Culinary Skills
Grade 12 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
The deadliest of the bacterial food poisonings is                        .
  1. staphylococcal poisoning
  2. salmonellosis
  3. botulism
  4. perfringens poisoning
Grade 12 Meal Planning
These are foods that frequently cause an allergic reaction.
  1. milk, eggs, and wheat
  2. lamb, rice, and sugar
  3. chocolate and strawberries
  4. rice and pears
Grade 12 Meal Planning
Grade 12 Culinary Skills
Most recipes, when calling for eggs, use:
  1. Large Eggs
  2. Small Eggs
  3. Brown Eggs
  4. Organic Eggs
Grade 12 Culinary Arts
What is employee orientation?
  1. standards of conduct
  2. praising an employee when a job is done well
  3. knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an employee
  4. the process of making a new employee familiar with a food service organization
Grade 12 Culinary Arts
What are two things a manager must consider when determining the work schedule?
  1. resources available and leadership
  2. prior experience and employee availability
  3. work schedules and customer relations
  4. purchasing procedures and menu costs
Grade 12 Culinary Skills
What is "turnover rate"?
  1. type and size of the facility
  2. cleanliness of the facility
  3. average number of times a seat will be occupied in a given time period
  4. the number of employees leaving the company
Grade 12 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
What is a "traffic path" in a food service operation?
  1. the movements of people and materials within the food service operation
  2. slips, falls, burns, and cuts
  3. type and size of the facility
  4. dividing space to meet customer needs
Grade 12 Culinary Skills
Small tender cuts of beef are called:
  1. Rounds
  2. Chops
  3. Medallions
  4. Bits
Grade 12 Meal Planning
Grade 12 Meal Planning
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