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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Fitness Questions

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Grade 8 Fitness
Which of these statements describe the results of exercise?
  1. breathing rate decreases to increase oxygen flow to muscles
  2. breathing rate increases to increase oxygen flow to muscles
  3. breathing rate decreases to reduce oxygen flow to muscles
  4. breathing rate decreases to increase carbon dioxide flow to muscles
Grade 8 Fitness
Sports that BEST build cardiovascular fitness require
  1. many specialized skills
  2. bursts of activity and periods of rest
  3. continuous activity
  4. lots of rest to restore oxygen levels
Grade 8 Fitness
Sedentary means                                                                                     .
  1. a disease caused partly by unhealthy behaviors and partly by other factors.
  2. anything that increases the likelihood of injury, disease, or other health problems.
  3. not taking part in physical activity on a regular basis.
  4. exercising every day for two hours a day.
Grade 8 Fitness
Flexibilty is best described as
  1. range of movement possible at various joints.
  2. ability to exert force.
  3. ability for muscles to not tire quickly.
  4. ratio of fat to muscle, bones and tissues.
Grade 8 Fitness
The ability for a muscle to work against a resistance for an extended period of time is
  1. Muscular strength
  2. Flexibility
  3. Cardiovascular endurance
  4. Muscular endurance
Grade 8 Fitness
A person's target heart rate zone is
  1. where you want your heart rate to be during moderate to vigorous exercise.
  2. the same as their resting heart rate.
  3. the same as their recovery heart rate.
  4. where you want your resting heart rate to be while sleeping.
Grade 8 Fitness
The ability to use muscles for a long time without tiring is
  1. cardiovascular health.
  2. flexibility.
  3. muscular endurance.
  4. agility.
Grade 8 Fitness
The ability of muscles to exert force one time is called
  1. cardiovascular endurance
  2. muscular strength
  3. flexibility
  4. body composition
Grade 8 Fitness
Body composition is best decribed as
  1. how much a person weighs.
  2. ratio of fat to muscle, bones and other tissues in a person's body
  3. the amount of muscle a person has.
  4. foot size.
Grade 8 Fitness
Which of the following is a muscle and not a component of fitness?
  1. muscular endurance
  2. muscular strength
  3. quadriceps
  4. flexibility
Grade 8 Fitness
The best time to determine your resting heart rate is
  1. when you first wake up and are still in bed.
  2. after you run one mile.
  3. after you brush your teeth and run up the stairs .
  4. after swimming ten laps.
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