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College Conservation and Biodiversity Questions

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College Conservation and Biodiversity
To what does habitat fragmentation usually lead?
  1. decrease in biodiversity
  2. reduction in the number of introduced species
  3. increase in biodiversity due to the isolated populations
  4. increase in the number of introduced species
  5. more stable environment
College Conservation and Biodiversity
We are usually referring to species diversity when we talk about biodiversity. However, genetic diversity is also important to ecological systems because diverse genes                                                                                   .
  1. increase the efficiency and productivity of a system because all niches are filled
  2. allow an individual organism to adapt to its changing environment
  3. are necessary for a population to evolve in a changing environment
  4. lead to diverse ecological processes in a biological community
  5. are important for a balanced ecosystem
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Endemic species are species that                                         .
  1. Suffer from a genetic disease
  2. Breed freely with other species
  3. Are not found anywhere else in the world
  4. Are on the verge of extinction
College Conservation and Biodiversity
What is biological diversity?
  1. the relative abundance of all species on Earth
  2. the adaptation of living things to their environment
  3. the variety of life forms on Earth
  4. the environmental variability of species
  5. the complexity of life forms on Earth
College Conservation and Biodiversity
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Soil formation and water purification are examples of                      based on the biodiversity that benefit humans.
  1. aesthetic benefits
  2. geological cycles
  3. availability of food
  4. health benefits
  5. ecosystem services
College Conservation and Biodiversity
"Abundance" describes the total number or a proposition of                                                                     while "diversity" describes the number of                                                                    .
  1. species in a community; individual organisms in a community
  2. organisms in a community; different types of species in a community
  3. individuals in a niche; niches available to a given species
  4. species in a bioregion; trophic levels in a community
  5. biomes; habitats available for different species
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Extinction is the term used when all members of species                                            .
  1. disappear in a locality
  2. die
  3. live in zoos
  4. are threatened with imminent habitat loss
  5. are in danger of disappearing in a locality
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Which is not one of the three factors that play a role in extinction?
  1. introduced species
  2. predator/prey variation
  3. habitat loss
  4. species overexploitation
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Which is NOT an endemic species?
  1. feral cats on Catalina Island
  2. panda bears
  3. a dragonfly found only at a single lake
  4. a plant that lives only in the Mojave desert
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Which of the following statements is true?
  1. humans may have been causing extinctions millions of years ago, but our impact has recently increased
  2. humans are responsible for many of the mass extinctions in the geologic record
  3. humans only began causing extinctions in the past 150 years
  4. humans have never had significant impact on species extinctions until the past four decades
  5. humans may have been causing extinctions thousands of years ago, but our impact has recently increased
College Conservation and Biodiversity
With respect to the health of the environment, which one of the following would be an advantage of using antifouling agents?
  1. Less fossil fuel use resulting from less drag and more efficient transit of ships through water
  2. Fewer dolphins contributing to a decline in biodiversity
  3. Less biomagnification up the food chain
  4. Fewer fish in reefs that form on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Which of the folloiwng is a consequence of acidic deposition?
  1. It increases the likelihood of low-lying ground fogs
  2. It results in offshore eutrophication, damaging coral reefs
  3. It creates rainwater that can damgae skin cells or cause cancers
  4. Leaching out important minerals from soils and loss of biodiversity
  5. It is increasing the rate of global warming
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Which is not a part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
  1. learning the biology of organisms and their natural pests
  2. understanding trophic relationships of organisms
  3. birth, death, immigration, and emigration rates
  4. genetically modified foods to produce faster yield
  5. density and distribution
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Which of the following is a benefit from aquaculture?
  1. uses fewer fossil fuels, is safer, and produces more fish than commercial fishing
  2. fish meal to feed farm raised aquatic organisms is made from wild ocean fish
  3. uses grain, which affects food supplies for people and animals
  4. escaped fish introduce disease or outcompete wild fish
  5. lots of waste produced
College Conservation and Biodiversity
Which of the following agroecosystems would likely use the least amount of petrochemicals?
  1. conventional
  2. pre-industrial
  3. alternative
  4. cotton farms in Alabama
  5. all of these are about equal
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