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Graduate Evolution Questions

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Graduate Evolution
Graduate Evolution
What is speciation?
  1. A species that separates into two or more species in later generations
  2. A hybrid
  3. Genetic Drift
  4. Mutation
Graduate Evolution
What is an evolutionary significant unit (ESU)?
  1. Organisms that are extinct
  2. Organisms that are distinct for purposes of conversation
  3. A protected habitat
  4. None of the above
Graduate Evolution
As what is evolutionary fitness defined?
  1. Sexual selection
  2. The ability of an organism to survive and reproduce
  3. Directional Selection
  4. Selected for or against
Graduate Evolution
What happens to populations that are unable to adapt to changing environmental conditions?
  1. They go extinct.
  2. They get smaller.
  3. They get larger.
  4. Their birth rate increases.
Graduate Evolution
Graduate Evolution
Which describes macroevolution?
  1. A byproduct of genetic selection
  2. More time than microevolution
  3. Evolution that occurs at or above the level of species
  4. Both B and C
Graduate Evolution
Which of the following is a type of speciation?
  1. Parapatric
  2. Peripatric
  3. Allopatric
  4. All of the above
Graduate Evolution
The anatomical records of extinct species include                           .
  1. Hair strands left in trees
  2. Shells, bones and teeth
  3. Fossils
  4. Both B and C
Graduate Evolution
Which is not a requirement for natural selection to occur?
  1. Unequal reproductive success
  2. Competition for limited resources
  3. Variation in the offspring
  4. Random mating
Graduate Evolution
Were there any eukaryotic cells on Earth 1.5 billion years ago?
  1. Yes, they first appear in the fossil record around 3.5 billion years ago.
  2. Yes, they first appear in the fossil record around 2 billion years ago.
  3. No, they do not appear in the fossil record until around 1 billion million years ago.
  4. No, they do not appear in the fossil record until around 500 million years ago.
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