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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Evolution Questions

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Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
According to Darwin's theory of evolution, how do new species evolve?
  1. artificial selection
  2. random chance
  3. natural selection
  4. unnatural selection
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Species change over time through
  1. evolution.
  2. adaptation.
  3. extinction.
  4. genetic variation.
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
A bat's wing and a lion's leg bones are examples of
  1. variation.
  2. homologous structures.
  3. migratory effects.
  4. fossils.
Grade 7 Evolution
Which scenario is an example of natural selection? (Select all that apply.)
  1. Farmers crossbreed two types of cows to produce a breed of cow that has high quality beef and can tolerate a hot climate.
  2. Giraffes that have longer necks survive a dry season by eating leaves from the tops of trees. Those giraffes breed more successfully that year.
  3. Dogs that have a desirable coat color are bred with one another to produce puppies with the same coat color.
  4. People kill rattlesnakes that rattle when approached by humans, but people do not kill rattlesnakes that remain silent. The quiet snakes survive and breed.
Grade 7 Evolution
Inherited traits and genetic variations                                                                 .
  1. are always helpful
  2. are always harmful
  3. can be either harmful, helpful, or neutral
  4. are intentionally random and have no effect on natural selection
Grade 7 Evolution
What is most likely to happen to a species that is not suited to its environment?
  1. It will survive and produce many offspring.
  2. It will get bored and leave.
  3. It will not survive to reproduce.
  4. It will change all its previous behaviors.
Grade 7 Evolution
What is a genetic adaptation?
  1. an adjustment to an environment
  2. an altering of a behavior
  3. a mutation that helps an organism survive
  4. a variation from the norm
Grade 7 Evolution
A change that increases an organism's chances for survival is a(n)
  1. adaptation.
  2. mutation.
  3. radiation.
  4. homologous structure.
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