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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Evolution Questions

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Grade 4 Evolution
The term              endangered              refers to plants or animals that are in danger of extinction.
Grade 4 Evolution
To be well adapted in your environment and surviving at a very high level means to                .
  1. Thrive
  2. Environment
  3. Annotate
  4. Organism
Grade 4 Evolution
Becoming           extinct           is when any plant or animal species that has completely died out.
Grade 4 Evolution
Sometimes a close relationship between two different organisms can be beneficial for both.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 4 Evolution
What are two reasons the white-tailed deer and passenger pigeon population decreased when settlers arrived?
  1. disease
  2. over-hunting
  3. deforestation
  4. lack of food
Grade 4 Evolution
An organism's ability to adapt to environmental changes is called
  1. thriving
  2. habitat destruction
  3. accommodation
  4. endangered
Grade 4 Evolution
An example of an extinct animal is                  .
  1. squirrel
  2. passenger pigeon
  3. white-tailed deer
  4. walleye
Grade 4 Evolution
An adaptation in which an animal looks very much like another animal or an object is a _____________.
  1. mimicry
  2. camouflage
  3. body covering
  4. all of the above
Grade 4 Evolution
Why do organism become extinct?
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