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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Zoology Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 4 Zoology questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 4 Zoology
Organisms do not compete for
  1. food.
  2. sunlight.
  3. camouflage.
  4. water.
Grade 4 Zoology
Which term best describes the image shown?

Butterfly Lifecycle
  1. food web
  2. life cycle
  3. food chain
  4. water cycle
Grade 4 Zoology
Vertebrates without scales that live on land and in water are
  1. arthropods.
  2. reptiles.
  3. mammals.
  4. amphibians.
Grade 4 Zoology
                      care for their young by providing food, protection, and grooming.
  1. Baby animals
  2. Adult animals
  3. Dying animals
  4. Recently born animals
Grade 4 Zoology
Ducks and swans have                 that help them swim.
  1. running feet
  2. webbed feet
  3. perching feet
  4. grasping feet
Grade 4 Zoology
What is an example of a structural adaptation?
  1. geese migrating south for the winter
  2. deer running away from danger
  3. polar bear having a warm fur coat
  4. wolves living in packs
Grade 4 Zoology
An eagle has big                 with sharp claws that are used for grabbing animals.
  1. running feet
  2. perching feet
  3. grasping feet
  4. scratching feet
Grade 4 Zoology
                is major change in the body form of an animal during its life cycle.
  1. Life cycle
  2. Metamorphosis
  3. Trait
  4. Gene
Grade 4 Zoology
The larva and pupa stages are part of
  1. incomplete metamorphosis.
  2. complete metamorphosis.
  3. neither complete or incomplete metamorphosis.
  4. both complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
Grade 4 Zoology
Why do animals need food?
  1. It provides animals with the energy they need to live.
  2. It allows animals to reproduce.
  3. It keeps animals from being bored.
Grade 4 Zoology
Camouflage is a way for animals to hide by                 into the environment around them.
  1. blending
  2. eating
  3. burrowing
  4. walking
Grade 4 Zoology
Invertebrates are always
  1. animals without backbones.
  2. complex animals.
  3. simple animals.
  4. animals with backbones.
Grade 4 Zoology
Some monkeys are herbivores. They eat only
  1. meat.
  2. meat and plants.
  3. insects.
  4. plants.
Grade 4 Zoology
How do lizards hide from their predators?
  1. migration
  2. camouflage
  3. hibernation
Grade 4 Zoology
What is the order of the life-cycle stages of an ant?
  1. adult, pupa, larva, egg
  2. adult, larva, pupa, egg
  3. egg, pupa, larva, adult
  4. egg, larva, pupa, adult
Grade 4 Zoology
The nymph stage is part of
  1. complete metamorphosis.
  2. incomplete metamorphosis.
  3. both complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
  4. neither complete or incomplete metamorphosis.
Grade 4 Zoology
A cat purrs when petted. Which of the following characteristics of life is illustrated in this example?
  1. acquire materials
  2. develop
  3. respond
  4. adapt
  5. made of cells
Grade 4 Zoology
Incomplete metamorphosis includes the stages
  1. egg, nymph, and adult.
  2. egg, larva, and adult.
  3. egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
  4. egg and adult.
Grade 4 Zoology
The Greek word metamorphosis means to
  1. grow bigger.
  2. transform.
  3. fly.
  4. meditate.
Grade 4 Zoology
Zoology is the study of
  1. plants.
  2. animals.
  3. cars.
  4. people.
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