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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Zoology Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 11 Zoology questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 11 Zoology
In taxonomy, corals are
  1. reptiles.
  2. invertebrates.
  3. bacteria.
  4. plankton.
Grade 11 Zoology
Most of the living species known to science
  1. are large mammals.
  2. live in deserts.
  3. live in the richer countries of the world.
  4. are insects.
Grade 11 Zoology
Which group contains the largest number of species?
  1. rotifers
  2. annelids
  3. arthropods
  4. polychaetes
Grade 11 Zoology
Grade 11 Zoology
Which characteristic do mammals and birds share?
  1. dry, scaly skin
  2. live birth
  3. ectothermic
  4. endothermic
Grade 11 Zoology
Marine fishes provide no parental care to their babies, but the species still survive, mostly because
  1. the baby fishes are toxic and thus do not have many predators.
  2. they reproduce their babies in huge numbers so as to overwhelm the predators.
  3. they make babies in dark places that are invisible to the predators.
  4. the baby fishes are too tiny to be seen by predators.
Grade 11 Zoology
Grade 11 Zoology
What are the two main body forms that exist in the phylum Cnidaria?
  1. polyp and medusa
  2. planula and veliger
  3. adult and larvae
  4. trocophore and megalope
Grade 11 Zoology
The key function of the bony fish bladder is to
  1. speed their swimming so as to catch prey.
  2. regulate their body temperature to prevent overheating.
  3. store fat as backup energy in case of a food shortage.
  4. help them balance between sinking and floating.
Grade 11 Zoology
Which statement regarding fishes is correct?
  1. Because bony fishes have evolved they have fully developed gills at the beginning of life.
  2. Bony fishes fertilize externally only.
  3. Hagfish produce a thick mucus as a self-defense mechanism against predators.
  4. In taxonomy, the shark is classified in Osteichthyes.
Grade 11 Zoology
Why do animals with exoskeletons need to undergo periodic molting?
  1. Large amounts of food are needed to support the growth of the exoskeleton.
  2. The exoskeleton prevents animals from moving freely in the environment.
  3. The animal is growing inside of the exoskeleton, which does not grow along with it.
  4. The exoskeleton is a major attraction for predators.
Grade 11 Zoology
Which characteristic is NOT found in the chordates?
  1. external skeleton
  2. bilateral symmetry
  3. gill slits during development
  4. notochord
Grade 11 Zoology
Grade 11 Zoology
Grade 11 Zoology
Which animal produces shelled eggs?
  1. birds
  2. elephants
  3. frogs
  4. salamanders
Grade 11 Zoology
What does the exoskeleton provide arthropods?
  1. protection
  2. shade
  3. food
  4. proper function
Grade 11 Zoology
Grade 11 Zoology
Which statement about marsupial mammals is true?
  1. They are the only egg-laying mammals.
  2. Their offspring finish development within a special pouch.
  3. Their mammary glands have no nipples.
  4. They are found only in Australia.
Grade 11 Zoology
Of what is the arthropod exoskeleton made?
  1. protein
  2. chitin
  3. protein and chitin
  4. calcium carbonate
Grade 11 Zoology
Which group of cnidarians has a polyp stage that is most prominent?
  1. class Hydrozoa
  2. class Scyphozoa
  3. class Anthozoa
  4. class Cubozoa
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