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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Biochemistry Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 11 Biochemistry questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
Which chemical equation correctly represents photosynthesis?
  1. [math]H_2O + CO_2 + sunlight rarr O_2 + "glucose"[/math]
  2. [math]H_2O + O_2 + sunlight rarr CO_2 + "glucose"[/math]
  3. [math]O_2 + "glucose" rarr H_2O + CO_2 + "energy"[/math]
  4. [math]CO_2 + "glucose" rarr H_2O + O_2 + "energy"[/math]
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
Grade 11 Macromolecules
Which is a general term attributed to a large and complex molecule?
  1. nucleic acid
  2. macromolecule
  3. polymer
  4. phosphate
Grade 11 Biochemistry
The ability of water to "stick" to other substances is
  1. specific heat.
  2. surface tension.
  3. adhesion.
  4. density.
Grade 11 Macromolecules
The main components that make up DNA are                               .
  1. two dipeptides
  2. a dipeptide and an amino acid
  3. a single strand of nucleotides
  4. two strands of nucleotides
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
Which kind of cellular respiration happened in the absence of oxygen in some of the earliest forms of life on Earth?
  1. aerobic respiration
  2. anaerobic respiration
  3. deoxygenated respiration
  4. oxygenated respiration
Grade 11 Macromolecules
Which characteristic distinguishes carbohydrates from other macromolecules?
  1. Carbohydrates are constructed of monomers that always have a ring shape.
  2. Carbohydrates never contain nitrogen.
  3. Carbohydrates consist of a carbon bonded to hydrogen and a hydroxyl group.
  4. Carbohydrates contain glycerol.
Grade 11 Macromolecules
Linkages between the monomers of proteins are
  1. unsaturated fatty acids.
  2. peptide bonds.
  3. lipids.
  4. alpha helices.
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
The decomposition of food into energy that can be used by cells as ATP is
  1. photosynthesis.
  2. cellular respiration.
  3. photolysis.
  4. digestion.
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
Grade 11 Macromolecules
Which property classifies cholesterol as a lipid?
  1. It contains double bonds between its carbon molecules.
  2. It is soluble in ether.
  3. It has carbon molecules that can form rings or long chains.
  4. It cannot be dissolved in water of any temperature.
Grade 11 Macromolecules
Which macromolecule has a monomer known as a monosaccharide?
  1. lipids
  2. nucleic acids
  3. carbohydrates
  4. steroids
Grade 11 Biochemistry
The branch of chemistry concerned with living things is
  1. chemistry.
  2. physical chemistry.
  3. biochemistry.
  4. analytical chemistry.
Grade 11 Macromolecules
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
What process relates to the decomposition of food in the absence of oxygen?
  1. cellular respiration
  2. photolysis
  3. fermentation
  4. glycolysis
Grade 11 Macromolecules
Carbohydrates are primarily known to provide
  1. fat storage.
  2. energy.
  3. hormones.
  4. DNA.
Grade 11 Biochemical Pathways
Which statement about photosynthesis is false?
  1. Most light reactions happen on the stroma membranes in the chloroplasts.
  2. The Calvin cycle typically happens in the dark.
  3. Light energy is stored in ATP.
  4. A proton gradient helps form ATP from ADP + Pi.
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