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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) Evolution Questions

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Grade 10 Evolution
Evolution is the
  1. process of maintaining homeostasis.
  2. process that results in the increase of living material in an organism.
  3. process of accumulating adaptations gradually over time.
  4. none of the above
Grade 10 Evolution
The bird Darwin studied was the
  1. finch.
  2. mockingbird.
  3. cardinal.
  4. blue jay.
Grade 10 Evolution
What is a similar structure in different species that originated in a shared ancestor?
  1. homologous structure
  2. vestigial structure
  3. fossil
  4. population
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 10 Evolution
Darwin was considered the father of
  1. time.
  2. evolution.
  3. fossils.
  4. weather.
Grade 10 Evolution
A change in allele frequencies of a population as a result of chance is
  1. genetic drift.
  2. allele frequency.
  3. disruptive selection.
  4. evolution.
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 10 Evolution
Which statement describes evolution?
  1. a famous band from the 60s
  2. enzymes that build proteins
  3. structure and function of molecules
  4. change in living things over time
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 10 Evolution
Diagrams that show how evolutionary lines or lineages split from each other over time are
  1. cladograms.
  2. the Linnaeus system.
  3. the Darwin theory.
  4. evolutionary scales.
Grade 10 Evolution
Reproductive isolation is
  1. the inability to reproduce.
  2. the ability to reproduce only within a species.
  3. the ability to reproduce offspring with a similar appearance.
  4. the inability of offspring to reproduce.
Grade 10 Evolution
Which description applies to analogous structures?
  1. different structure, similar function
  2. do not share recent ancestors
  3. similar anal openings
  4. both a and b
Grade 10 Evolution
The percentage of a particular allele present in a gene pool is
  1. allele frequency.
  2. genetic drift.
  3. directional selection.
  4. disruptive selection.
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