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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Microbiology Questions

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Grade 7 Microbiology
Structures too small to be easily seen with the naked eye are                .
  1. heteroscopic
  2. microscopic
  3. macroscopic
  4. endoscopic
Grade 7 Microbiology
Most single-celled organisms
  1. grow as the cell gets larger.
  2. reproduce asexually.
  3. do not have cells that perform specific functions.
  4. All of the above
Grade 7 Microbiology
Bacteria that grow well in the absence of oxygen are called                       .
  1. oxygen-fixing bacteria
  2. anaerobic bacteria
  3. aerobic bacteria
  4. none of these
Grade 7 Microbiology
What is a virus?
  1. two-part structure that makes proteins
  2. strand of hereditary materials surrounded by protein coating
  3. directs all cell activity
  4. structure within the nucleolus
Grade 7 Microbiology
What type of cell contains genetic material the is not surrounded by a membrane?
  1. fungi
  2. plant
  3. prokaryotic
  4. eukaryotic
Grade 7 Microbiology
What kingdom does pneumonia belong?
  1. archaea
  2. fungi
  3. plantea
  4. bacteria
  5. animalia
Grade 7 Microbiology
All bacteria are harmful to humans.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 7 Microbiology
The following picture shows a unicellular organism.
What type of a cell is shown?
Bacteria Cell Anatomy
  1. organelle
  2. membrane
  3. eukaryotic
  4. prokaryotic
Grade 7 Microbiology
Bacteria are what type of organism?
  1. unicellular
  2. multicellular
Grade 7 Microbiology
         hyphae          are branching threadlike tubes that make up the structure of a multicellular fungi.
Grade 7 Microbiology
Which statement is not true about bacteria?
  1. Bacteria can be either autotrophic or heterotrophic.
  2. Bacteria are prokaryotes.
  3. Bacteria have a cell nucleus.
  4. Bacteria do not have nucleic acids.
Grade 7 Microbiology
What is a pathogen?
  1. A Decomposer
  2. A Hunter
  3. A Gatherer
  4. A Disease-causing organism
Grade 7 Microbiology
What is the name of the outer layer of some bacteria that allow it to sneak past the immune system of an animal?
  1. capsule
  2. cell wall
  3. cell membrane
  4. nucleus
  5. cilia
Grade 7 Microbiology
A microorganism can only be seen using a microscope.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 7 Microbiology
How does a virus multiply?
  1. Sexual Reproduction
  2. Asexual Reproduction
  3. By copying itself
  4. It doesn't
Grade 7 Microbiology

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Which of the following would have a prokaryotic cell?
  1. a monkey
  2. bacteria
  3. mosquito
  4. fern
  5. tree
Grade 7 Microbiology
Coughing or sneezing can expel pathogens trapped by the mucous membranes.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 7 Microbiology
The study of plants that are too small to see without a microscope is called                .
  1. Excretion
  2. Ingestion
  3. Respiration
  4. Microbiology
Grade 7 Microbiology
Which type of organisms carries out most nitrogen fixation?
  1. insects
  2. plants
  3. bacteria
  4. mammals
Grade 7 Microbiology
                 is an example of when cells take in bacteria and viruses.
  1. active transport
  2. passive transport
  3. endocytosis
  4. diffusion
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