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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) God's Plan of Salvation Questions

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Grade 11 God's Plan of Salvation
What is the focus of scripture?
  1. Christ and coming to a saving knowledge of Him
  2. Christ and living a Holy life
  3. Christ and following His teachings
  4. Christ and the care of orphans and widows
  5. Living according to it
Grade 11 God's Plan of Salvation
According to the author of Hebrews, why is Jesus better than the Old Testament sacrifices?
  1. Because Jesus' one sacrifice covers all sin forever, while OT sacrifices must be given over and over
  2. Because now that the temple is destroyed Jesus sacrifice is the only one you can have
  3. Jesus was able to preach the good news to men while dead animals cannot
  4. God decide that Old Testament sacrifices were too cruel and did away with them
  5. Because Christ resurrected and animals cannot
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