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Third Grade (Grade 3) Story Elements Questions

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Grade 3 Story Elements
Grade 3 Story Elements
Where does this story most likely take place?
  1. in town
  2. in the woods
  3. in a house
  4. in the winter
Grade 3 Story Elements
What is the conflict in this part of the story?
  1. The woodcutter needs to get to town.
  2. The woodcutter is poor.
  3. The fairy needs help.
  4. The fairy asks him not to cut down the tree.
Grade 3 Story Elements CCSS: CCRA.R.1, RL.3.1

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Which excerpt from the passage best describes how the cemetery looked?
  1. Charlie didn't know how his father could possibly find what he was looking for.
  2. Many of the headstones were broken. There were vines covering the words.
  3. "Let's leave these here to spruce the place up a bit," he said.
  4. Charlie helped his father place the flags and wreaths around the cemetery.
Grade 3 Story Elements
What are three major parts of story structure?
  1. Drawing conclusions, infer, predict
  2. Drawing conclusions, plot, middle
  3. Characters, setting, plot
  4. Characters, plot, infer
Grade 3 Story Elements
Grade 3 Story Elements
A transition is                                                              
  1. a word or phrase
  2. a word or phrase that concludes a story
  3. a word or phrase that moves you to the next part of the story
Grade 3 Story Elements
Grade 3 Story Elements
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