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Dragon, Dragon - Children's Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Dragon, Dragon questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
Which excerpt is an indirect characterization of the king in "Dragon, Dragon"?
  1. There was once a king whose kingdom was plagued by a dragon.
  2. The king was at his wit's end.
  3. "I'm not a tyrant..."
  4. ....the king smiled, pleased with the impression he had made.
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
Which excerpt is a direct characterization of the middle son in "Dragon, Dragon"?
  1. The middle son was very strong...
  2. "What an odd thing to say," thought the middle son.
  3. ...the middle son spurred his horse to a gallop...
  4. ...the dragon swallowed the middle son in a single gulp...
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
What can you conclude about the character of the dragon in "Dragon, Dragon" after reading about his deeds in the countryside?
  1. He will become more dangerous over time.
  2. He is more of a pest than a danger
  3. He threatens the lives of everyone in the kingdom.
  4. He is completely harmless and should be ignored.
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
How does the dragon in "Dragon, Dragon" die?
  1. The dragon dies of laughter.
  2. The middle son stabs the dragon in the heart.
  3. The sword falls of its own weight and cuts off the dragon's head.
  4. The eldest son cuts off the dragon's head.
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
In "Dragon, Dragon," which detail helps you infer that the cobbler is very sensible?
  1. He sends his sons out to try to kill the dragon.
  2. He objects to the king's offers because they require too much responsibility.
  3. His work involves repairing shoes and boots.
  4. He tries to convince his sons to recite a poem to the dragon.
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
Which word best describes the wizard in "Dragon, Dragon"?
  1. powerful
  2. incompetent
  3. wicked
  4. skillful
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
What happens to the cobbler's two older sons in "Dragon, Dragon"?
  1. Their lives are saved when they crawl out of the dead dragon.
  2. They are eaten and never seen again.
  3. They run off to hide in another kingdom.
  4. They live happily ever after with the princess.
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
In "Dragon, Dragon," who follows the wise old cobbler's advice?
  1. the eldest son
  2. the middle son
  3. the youngest son
  4. the king
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
Which detail from "Dragon, Dragon" is the funniest action of the wizard?
  1. He used to do spells and chants.
  2. He misplaced his wizard's book.
  3. He turns the queen into a rosebush.
  4. He gives the king bad advice.
Grade 6 Dragon, Dragon
What happens when the youngest son recites his father's poem to the dragon?
  1. The dragon falls down dead.
  2. The dragon begins to laugh.
  3. The dragon tries to kill him.
  4. The dragon runs away.
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