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Flat Stanley - Children's Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Flat Stanley questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Stanley had an idea. What was his idea?
  1. He would become a policeman.
  2. He would pretend to be a painting.
  3. He would fill himself with air like a balloon.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Arthur had an idea to make Stanley round again. What did he use?
  1. a magic potion
  2. a bicycle pump
  3. a bucket of water
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
How did Stanley get to California?
  1. He took a train.
  2. He flew on a plane.
  3. He was mailed in a box.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
What is the story mostly about?
  1. how Arthur was jealous of Stanley
  2. the adventures of the Lambchop family
  3. what happened when Stanley became flat
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Stanley was
  1. as red as an apple.
  2. as flat as a pancake.
  3. as tired as a sleeping bear.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
What happened to Stanley?
  1. He turned red.
  2. He disappeared.
  3. He was flattened.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
What fell on Stanley's bed?
  1. a bulletin board
  2. a piece of the ceiling
  3. a curtain from the window
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
How thick was Stanley?
  1. 1/2 inch
  2. 1 foot
  3. 4 feet
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Where did Mr. Dart work?
  1. at the bank
  2. at the school
  3. at the art musuem
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
What did Stanley let Arthur do to him?
  1. blow him up
  2. fly him like a kite
  3. take him to show and tell
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
How did Mr. Lambchop carry Stanley when they went out?
  1. He rolled him up.
  2. He put him in his pocket.
  3. He let him ride on his back.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
The policemen apologized. They had been hasty. Hasty means
  1. acted too quickly.
  2. said something mean.
  3. took too long to show up.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
What happened when Arthur left Stanley?
  1. Stanley cried.
  2. Stanley got stuck up in a tree.
  3. Stanley became normal again.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Why did Stanley enjoy being flat at first?
  1. He got to do cool things.
  2. He could hide from people.
  3. He was able to fit in an envelope.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
What happened after Stanley caught the sneak thieves?
  1. He became famous.
  2. He went back to school.
  3. He was not flat anymore.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Arthur wanted to be flat. What did he pile on top of himself?
  1. encyclopedias
  2. a bulletin board
  3. lots of heavy rocks
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Stanley got a letter from his friend Thomas Anthony Jeffrey. What did the letter say?
  1. It said Thomas was flat too.
  2. It invited Stanley to come on vacation.
  3. It told Stanley all about Thomas' new truck.
Grade 1 Flat Stanley
Mrs. Lambchop dropped her ring. How did she get it back?
  1. She used a metal detector.
  2. Stanley climbed down the grate.
  3. Arthur used a piece of gum and a shoestring.
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