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The Gold Cadillac - Children's Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

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Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
Who bought the Gold Cadillac?
  1. Mother
  2. Lois
  3. Uncle Nacho
  4. Father
Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
What is the main conflict that Lois has in this novella?
  1. Her desire to ride in the Cadillac and not to be seen walking anywhere
  2. Her inability to get along with her parents
  3. Her desire to eat in a restaurant during their trip although she isn't allowed to
  4. Her confrontation with an unjust, racist society
Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
What do the police FIRST accuse Lois's father of?
  1. Stealing the car
  2. Driving to fast
  3. Having a light out
  4. Driving through a stop sign
Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
What happens to the Cadillac at the end of the story?
  1. They keep it
  2. They give it to their friend
  3. They sell it
  4. They wash it
Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
How does Lois's mother react to the new Cadillac?
  1. She loves it and wants to ride in it
  2. She tells everyone about it
  3. She refuses to ride in it
  4. She doesn't react at all
Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
Where did father want to drive the Gold Cadillac to?
  1. Detroit
  2. Mississippi
  3. Florida
  4. Memphis
Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
What did Mother Dear think of the new Cadillac?
  1. She was proud of it and learned how to drive so that she could show off in it.
  2. She thought it was a big waste of money and refused to ride in it.
  3. She thought it was too small.
  4. She couldn't wait to ride all the way to Mississippi in it.
Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
The father was forced to do many things because of
  1. his age
  2. his color
  3. his mother's name
  4. his father's name
Grade 6 The Gold Cadillac
"The Gold Cadillac" is                .
  1. a novel
  2. a legend
  3. a novella
  4. a short story
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