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Metaphor Questions - All Grades

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Grade 8 Metaphor CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.8.5

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Grade 9 Metaphor
Metaphor differs chiefly from simile in that metaphor
  1. is used to describe non-human objects in the natural world.
  2. contains many layers of significance.
  3. does not use an explicit comparative word such as like or as.
  4. may be extended over many lines of verse.
Grade 7 Metaphor
Grade 4 Metaphor
Grade 4 Metaphor
Grade 9 Metaphor
Which is an example of a metaphor?
  1. The handshake felt like warm laundry.
  2. My mom is going to kill me.
  3. She hung her head like a dying flower.
  4. Life is a rollercoaster.
Grade 5 Metaphor
Grade 6 Metaphor
What does a metaphor do?
  1. Adds a message to your story
  2. Creates a mood
  3. Explains your thinking
  4. Creates an original way of saying something
Grade 7 Metaphor
Grade 8 Metaphor
These cookies are garbage!
  1. simile
  2. metaphor
  3. hyperbole
  4. personification
Grade 7 Metaphor
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