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Grade 8 :: Summarizing by rdaun
Is it an ant, you wonder, or a termite? Ants resemble termites, but they are quite different and can be easily distinguished. In contrast to termites, ants are usually dark in color, are hard bodied, and have constriction between the thorax and abdomen. Termites are light in color and shed their wings. Flying ants do not shed their wings. Also, ants and termites belong to different orders.

Select the best summary of this paragraph
  1. Termites are lighter in color and loose their wings at a certain stage of development.
  2. Ants are dark in color, hard bodied and belong to a different order than termites.
  3. Ants and termites are both insects and have many things in common
  4. Although ants resemble termites, they have differences that can be easily seen.
Grade 3 :: Summarizing by szeiger
What is the main reason you sneeze?
  1. to show you have a cold in your nose
  2. to force things out of your nose
  3. to stop an itch in your nose
  4. to build mucus in your nose
Grade 3 :: Summarizing by szeiger
Which choice best summarizes the passage?
  1. There have been many different alphabets over time, but the one we use today is the best.
  2. The alphabet we use today has changed many times throughout history.
  3. Different cultures used different alphabets to fit their needs at the time.
  4. A symbol-based alphabet made a lot of sense for the early humans, but not for us.
Grade 3 :: Summarizing by szeiger
Which choice best explains why onions make people cry?
  1. Onions increase your body's hormones and make you sad.
  2. Gas from the onion mixes with tears to create an acid the body tries to wash away.
  3. Tears help prevent the onion's gas from reaching the eyes.
  4. Onions combine with tears to create a salty flavor that improves the onion.
Grade 3 :: Summarizing by szeiger
Why do different golfers want different numbers of dimples?
  1. The way they hit the ball helps change how fast and far the ball goes too.
  2. They don't want the ball to work as well as other balls.
  3. The dimples change the look and feel of the ball.
  4. Different numbers of dimples are allowed in different tournaments.
Grade 3 :: Summarizing by szeiger
Which choice best explains why humans don't currently run 40 miles per hour?
  1. No human has tried to reach 40 miles per hour.
  2. A lot of factors go in to making it possible to run 40 miles per hour.
  3. The human body is not designed to run 40 miles per hour.
  4. Scientists need to conduct more research to determine if running 40 miles per hour is possible.
Grade 4 :: Summarizing by delilahjane
Grade 3 :: Summarizing by Selena40
One night Paul could not go to sleep. It was 10:00 PM and he was still awake. He tried closing his eyes, but that didn't work. He tried to lie on his stomach. That didn't work either. He tried to count to 100. That only made him think more. Finally, he got up and got a drink of water. That made him feel better. He went back to bed and fell asleep.

What is the best summary of this story?
  1. Paul could not go to sleep. He got a drink of water. He tried to count to 100. He finally went to sleep.
  2. Paul could not go to sleep. He tried many things to help him go to sleep. He got a drink of water. Finally, he went back to bed and went to sleep.
  3. He went back to bed and went to sleep. He tried to count to 100. One night Paul could not go to sleep.
Grade 3 :: Summarizing by Selena40
It was late afternoon when Daisy and Baily were let out of their kennels. They ran outside and searched for their toys. They played frisbee, fetch with a ball and chased squirrels. After about an hour they began to get hungry. They barked and barked until their owner came out to feed them. The food was yummy and they ate it all up. After that, they laid out in the yard in the sunshine. The sun was warm on their fur. What a nice afternoon Daisy and Baily had together.

What is the best summary of this story?
  1. Daisy and Baily played all afternoon. They laid out in the yard. Then they went back to their kennels.
  2. Daisy and Baily are dogs. They like to bark and play. They played in the sun. They got out of their kennels. They had a nice afternoon together.
  3. Daisy and Baily played together. They ate some food. They laid out in the sun. They had a nice afternoon.
Grade 3 :: Summarizing by Selena40
It was a sunny, hot day. Mom decided to take us swimming. We got all our swimming things packed, got in the car and drive to the pool. When we arrived I saw some of my friends. We played and swam around the pool. The sun was burning hot as it reflected off the water. The water was cool and soothing. I wish I could have stayed there all day.

What is the best summary of this passage?
  1. A mom takes her children to the pool. The pool was fun and cool. The character wanted to stay there all day.
  2. The character wanted to stay there all day. A mom takes her children to the pool. The pool was fun and cool.
  3. A mom takes her children to the pool. The character wanted to stay there all day.The pool was fun and cool.
Grade 7 :: Summarizing by pcwyatt
The Road Crew
by Bryan Ellett

Seth watched out the front window as a crew of about 10 people worked hard to destroy parts of the street in front of his house. There was a large sign down at the end of the street describing the construction project underway. It said, "Road Resurfacing. Expected completion: Fall 2009." The sign did not explain what Seth was watching out his front window. To Seth, it appeared that the destruction was somewhat random.
One man sat in the seat of a large piece of construction equipment that Seth's dad told him was called a backhoe. This giant piece of metal machinery had a scoop with jagged metal teeth at the end of a long arm, and the operator was controlling the arm and scoop with two joysticks. He would raise the arm high in the air, with the teeth of the scoop pointing downward. Then, he would bring the arm down quickly and with great force, using the teeth of the scoop to crush the concrete that it landed on. Already, this gentleman had ripped out the entire portion of sloped concrete that connected the driveway of Seth's house with the road. Several workers came along and hauled away the large pieces of concrete left behind.
Another worker was in charge of a large circular saw. He would wheel the saw to a particular piece of the road and fire it up. The spinning of the saw, even before it began cutting, created a high whining sound. Then, he would lower the saw into the concrete and cut long sections of the road. The piece of the road Seth watched him cut was about eight feet long and two feet wide. Seth could tell that the saw operator was working extremely hard.
Seth stepped into his front yard and looked up and down the street. Nothing made sense. Several other houses had the front portion of their driveway ripped out just as Seth's had been. But there were several more houses whose driveways were untouched. There were slices of road cut out here and there, but Seth could see no pattern to the places that were cut up. He could even see one worker filling in a recently cut piece of the roadway with fresh cement. Was there any point to what they were doing, or were they just breaking things and putting them back together to kill time? Seth had no way to know, so he just went back to the window to watch. It might not make sense, but, for Seth, destruction was fun to watch.

Which of these best summarizes the last paragraph?
  1. Seth noticed that one worker was filling in with concrete one of the holes that had been cut.
  2. Seth saw that some driveways were being ripped out while others were not being touched.
  3. Seth was happy to be watching workers from his window because he enjoyed watching destruction.
  4. Seth did not understand why only parts of the road were being destroyed, so he decided to just watch and enjoy.
Grade 7 :: Summarizing by Ronica
Cornelia wanted to get out of taking her test in Science. She asked to go to the restroom during science class. As she wandered along the hall the shiny red fire drill seemed to call her name. Cornelia looked left and then right, and pulled the alarm. Green spray came out all over her arms, just as she began to run away. Ms. Singelton saw Cornelia's green arms and took her straight to the office. Turns out she still had to take the test, but from ISSP.

Which answer choice is the best summary?
  1. Cornelia did not study for a test so she made a plan to hide out in the restroom during that class.
  2. Cornelia wanted to get out of a science test so she pulled the fire alarm. she got caught and ended up in ISSP.
  3. Cornelia hates tests so she decided to skip school instead of going to class on test days.
  4. Cornelia pulled the fire alarm so that Hannah could get out of taking a science test.
Grade 7 :: Summarizing by Ronica
Travis and Frederick went to the mall to buy shoes. Frederick decided that he was going to steal pair of shoes from the mall. Travis tried to talk Frederick out of doing it. When they got to the mall and entered the shoes store Travis went to look at some shoes. Frederick pretended to be looking at shoes, when he suddenly bolted for the door with a pair of Nikes. The security guard reached out and grabbed Frederick's arm and took him to the station. Travis just called his mom to pick him up.

What is the most appropriate summary?
  1. Travis wanted a pair of shoes from the mall so he got his friend Frederick to steal them.
  2. Frederick thought he could get away with stealing shoes from the mall and he did.
  3. Travis had no idea that Frederick planned to steal from the mall when they planned to buy shoes.
  4. Travis tried to talk his friend Frederick out of stealing shoes from the mall, but when he did it anyway he got caught.
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