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College Culinary Arts Questions

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College Culinary Skills
The proper word for cow meat is               .
  1. turkey
  2. lamb
  3. beef
  4. poultry
College Culinary Skills
What question was Louis Camille Maillard working on when he identified the Maillard reaction in the early 20th century?
  1. how wounds heal
  2. how amino acids form proteins
  3. how to cure meats
  4. how proteins convert into fat
College Culinary Skills
The beer ingredient that constitutes about 95% by volume?
  1. Malt
  2. Hops
  3. Yeast
  4. Water
College Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
The best use for a kitchen knife is
  1. opening packages.
  2. cutting food.
  3. opening cans.
  4. cutting cardboard.
College Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
If a large fire breaks out in a kitchen, what is the first thing you should do?
  1. Call 911
  2. Turn off the gas main
  3. Get out of the building
  4. Go into the walk-in freezer
College Culinary Arts
Diurnal shift is the temperature range between
  1. day time highs and night time lows.
  2. sunrise and sunset.
  3. day time lows and night time highs.
  4. the average temperature during a 24-hr period.
College Culinary Arts
                 is the most common preventative antimicrobial and treatment for oxidation in the vineyard and winery.
  1. Ozone
  2. Ultraviolet light
  3. Steam
  4. Sulfur
College Culinary Arts
The northern and southern-most limits for quality winegrowing currently lie between                  latitude in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
  1. 10 and 20 degrees
  2. 50 and 70 degrees
  3. 40 and 60 degrees
  4. 30 and 50 degrees
College Culinary Skills
Food that is         bland        has little or no taste or flavor to it.
College Culinary Arts
A tip is money given to a service employee for good work.
  1. True
  2. False
College Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
What is the ideal way kitchen clothing should fit?
  1. close fitting
  2. loose fitting
  3. tight fitting
  4. baggy fitting
College Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
What is the leading cause of knife injuries?
  1. Sharp blades
  2. Improper cutting techniques
  3. Sticky food
  4. Dull blades
College Culinary Skills
When may the Maillard reaction occur?
  1. only when cooking high sugar foods
  2. only when cooking meat
  3. cooking most foods
  4. only when cooking low protein foods
College Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
A band-aid in a salad is an example of a
  1. chemical contaminant.
  2. allergen.
  3. biological hazard.
  4. physical contaminant.
College Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
If a knife is falling off a counter, you should
  1. quickly catch it.
  2. yell, "Knife!"
  3. knock it away.
  4. let it fall.
College Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
What is a safety advantage to wearing an apron?
  1. provides an extra layer of protection
  2. it won't catch on fire
  3. your coat won't get as dirty
  4. knives cannot cut through them
College Culinary Skills
The Maillard reaction begins with a simple reaction between which two substances?
  1. carbohydrates and sugar
  2. amino acids and sugar
  3. amino acids and fat
  4. fat and sugar
College Culinary Skills
What condition is necessary for obtaining a browned chicken breast?
  1. high moisture, high heat
  2. high heat, low moisture
  3. low moisture, low heat
  4. low heat, high moisture
College Culinary Skills
Identify the role of the Executive Chef.
  1. pastry chef
  2. in charge of prepared meats dishes
  3. communicates between front of house and kitchen, makes sure meals are placed properly
  4. manager of the entire food service operation
College Culinary Skills
Identify the role of the Sous Chef.
  1. roasts and braises meats
  2. works under and reports to Chef de Cuisine, helps with kitchen management
  3. soup cook
  4. usually a student, gaining kitchen experience doing a variety of tasks
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