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Vocational Education Questions - All Grades

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Grade 10 Culinary Skills
How do you dredge poultry pieces for frying?
  1. coat with beaten egg then flour
  2. sprinkle with spices
  3. drag meat through a dry ingredient such as flour
  4. coat with beaten egg then bread crumbs
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
Grade 9 Culinary Skills
What do you do when you have finished using a knife?
  1. Put it away immediately.
  2. Wash it individually in the sink, rinse it, dry it and put it away.
  3. Place it behind the taps and wash it with your other dishes.
  4. Put it in the sink to soak.
Grade 10 Baking Skills
Which meat is not poultry?
  1. chicken
  2. beef
  3. duck
  4. turkey
Grade 9 Baking Skills
Which mixing method is used when making cookies?
  1. biscuit method
  2. creaming method
  3. muffin method
Grade 7 Kitchen Equipment and Tools
A convection oven                                               .
  1. cooks faster than a microwave oven.
  2. cooks exactly the same as a conventional oven.
  3. is the only part of a range.
  4. uses a fan to help circulate the heat.
None Meal Planning
A protein found in milk is
  1. albumen.
  2. protoplasm.
  3. casein.
  4. true moo.
Grade 9 Baking Skills
Identify any differences between active dry yeast and fresh yeast.
  1. fresh yeast adds more flavour to a product than dry yeast
  2. dry yeast keeps well, while fresh yeast needs refrigeration and only lasts a few weeks
  3. a and b
  4. dry, fresh and nutritional yeast all work in exactly the same way
Grade 7 Business Technology
Which of the following would not be a good use of a spreadsheet?
  1. sales data
  2. tax calculations
  3. make charts
  4. business letter
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
Roux is made with what two ingredients?
  1. Milk and Water
  2. Butter and Flour
  3. Oil and Water
  4. Salt and Butter
Grade 9 Baking Skills
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
What purpose is achieved by pounding chicken breasts to more uniform thickness?
  1. better presentation
  2. break down muscle
  3. to ensure even cooking
  4. tenderize the meat
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
What is the main difference between dark and white poultry meat?
  1. type of feed
  2. how much a muscle is exercised
  3. breed of poultry
  4. a and b
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
Grading poultry is based on all of these factors except one.
  1. tenderness
  2. location
  3. juiciness
  4. flavour
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
What does the term "dressed poultry" mean?
  1. a ready to cook whole bird
  2. a whole bird that has been stuffed with bread stuffing
  3. a whole bird with seasoning rubbed onto the skin
  4. a whole bird that has been brined
Grade 7 Meal Planning
According to the US Food Pyramid, how many servings of vegetables is suggested a day?
  1. 24 divided by 4
  2. 2-3
  3. 3-5
  4. whatever fits in the small compartment of your knapsack
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