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Grade 6 Roman Empire
What did Caesar know he had to do to get ahead in life?
  1. Military advancement
  2. Senate Advancement
  3. Arena Advancement
  4. Bribing people
Grade 6 Prefixes and Suffixes
To position in advance or beforehand
  1. Preposition
  2. Precede
  3. Preseason
  4. Prefix
Continuing Education Navy
You are an E-2 and are eligible for advancement. What person advances you?
  1. Secretary of the Navy
  2. Chief of Naval Personnel
  3. Commanding officer
  4. Executive officer
Grade 9 Emergency Medical Services
An example of a advanced directive is a:
  1. emancipated minor
  2. prehospital report
  3. a refusal
  4. DNR form
Grade 6 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 5 Defining Words
To take into consideration in advance:
  1. apparent
  2. catastrophic
  3. anticipate
  4. occupation
Grade 4 Defining Words
improvements that move an idea ahead
  1. advancements
  2. agriculture
  3. characteristics
Grade 4 Defining Words
had a different opinion
  1. agriculture
  2. disagreed
  3. advancements
Grade 4 Defining Words
the act of fighting against or overcoming something
  1. advancements
  2. resistance
  3. characteristics
Grade 10 History of Theater

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Grade 7 Defining Words
possessing advanced emotional development
  1. mature
  2. traitor
  3. conscience
  4. thresh
Grade 3 Prefixes and Suffixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.3.4, L.3.4b
When something is made in advance, it is
  1. premade.
  2. remade.
  3. made.
  4. unmade.
College Medical Terms
13. advance directives include
  1. DNR
  2. patients wishes for artifciial intervention to sustain life
  3. patients wishes for healthcare proxy
  4. all above
Grade 4 Defining Words
What does advancements mean?
  1. going back
  2. improvements
  3. helping
Grade 7 Defining Words
An advance indication, sample, or warning
  1. foretaste
  2. humdrum
  3. alight
  4. germinate
Grade 9 Emergency Medical Services
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. advanse
  2. advans
  3. advance
  4. addvance
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