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Grade 12 Anatomy and Physiology
How does anatomy and physiology relate to each other?
  1. the function determines the function and structure
  2. the structure determines the structure
  3. the function determines the structure
  4. the structure determines the function
Grade 7 Evolution
Structures that don’t seem to have a function are called                        .
  1. Irrelevant
  2. Homogenous Structures
  3. Vestigial Structures
  4. Heterogenous Structures
Grade 7 Evolution
Grade 7 Evolution
Body parts that have lost their original function through evolution are called                      .
  1. Comparative Anatomy
  2. Homologous Structures
  3. Vestigial Structures
  4. Analogous Structures
Grade 7 Evolution
Body parts that perform a similar function but differ in structure are called
  1. Comparative Anatomy
  2. Homologous Structures
  3. Vestigial Structures
  4. Analogous Structures
College Anatomy and Physiology
The forelimbs of the man, cat, whale, and bat are examples of                                                    
  1. homologous structures
  2. analogous structures
  3. structures that were formed by convergent evolution
  4. structures that have no fundamental similarities
Grade 7 Evolution
Which of the following is not an example of a piece of evidence that supports evolution?
  1. Vestigial Structures
  2. Chromosomal Structure
  3. Homologous Structures
  4. Fossil Record
  5. Embryology
Grade 10 Evolution
What is a similar structure in different species that originated in a shared ancestor?
  1. homologous structure
  2. vestigial structure
  3. fossil
  4. population
Grade 9 Meal Planning
Identify what protein provides?
  1. structure, enzymes
  2. enzymes, transportation
  3. structure, transportation, enzymes
  4. enzymes, infection, structure
Grade 8 Opinion Writing
Using the same words over and over again
  1. parallel structure
  2. sentence structure
  3. repetition
  4. recognition
Grade 5 Anatomical Organization
Grade 5 Anatomical Organization
Grade 10 Evolution
Grade 9 Evolution
Structures that have different mature forms but that develop from the same embryonic structure are
  1. homologous structures.
  2. vegetable structures.
  3. natural selection.
  4. fossils.
Grade 11 Cosmetology
The outer boundary or silhouette of any shape or form is known as the:
  1. structure
  2. form line
  3. structure graphic
  4. normal projection
Grade 10 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Grade 9 Cell Structure and Function
College Anatomy and Physiology
Fructose and glucose are isomers. This means that...
  1. they have the same structural formula
  2. they have different chemical structures and the same structural formula
  3. they both have the same chemical and structural formula
  4. they have the same chemical formula but different structural formulae
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