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Grade 6 Heat Transfer
Heat energy flows from
  1. hot objects to hotter objects.
  2. cooler objects to warmer objects.
  3. warmer objects to hotter objects.
  4. warmer objects to cooler objects.
Grade 6 Heat Transfer
Heat energy moves from                                    .
  1. a smaller object to a larger object
  2. a larger object to a smaller object
  3. a warmer object to a cooler object
  4. a cooler object to a warmer object
Grade 9 Forces and Motion
If you apply a force to an object with a known mass, what can you determine using Newton's second law?
  1. The object's acceleration
  2. The object's momentum
  3. The object's inertia
  4. The object's power
Grade 8 Physics
Gravitational potential energy is converted into other forms of energy when                         .
  1. objects are at rest
  2. objects are in free fall
  3. objects are in orbit
  4. objects are stationary
Grade 11 Synonyms
The synonym of goal is:
  1. object
  2. objective
  3. score
Grade 10 Properties of Matter
What is mass?
  1. The quantity of matter in an object
  2. The volume of an object
  3. The amount of atoms in an object
  4. The density of an object
Grade 8 Physics
The direction of motion in an interaction is determined by                                 .
  1. the force between the objects
  2. the initial speed of the objects
  3. the color of the objects
  4. the size of the objects
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
What kind of objects will magnets attract?
  1. plastic objects
  2. lead objects
  3. iron objects
  4. aluminium
Grade 8 Properties of Matter
Which of the following determines an object’s ability to float in water?
  1. how much the object weighs
  2. how dense an object is
  3. the mass of an object
  4. the volume of an object
Grade 10 Heat Transfer
As the temperature of an object rises, so does the                               .
  1. mass of the object
  2. thermal energy of the object
  3. potential energy of the object
  4. specific heat of the object
Grade 6 Forces and Motion
If the forces acting on an object are unbalanced, what happens?
  1. The object remains at rest.
  2. The object will not move.
  3. The object moves in constant motion.
  4. The object accelerates.
Grade 8 Forces and Motion
A velocity-time graph of a moving object is shown. Which statement best describes the object's velocity between points D and E?
Velocity Vs. Time
  1. The object's velocity is increasing.
  2. The object's velocity is decreasing.
  3. The object's velocity is constant.
  4. The object is stopped.
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