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Grade 5 Writing
Choose the correct closing for a friendly letter.
  1. Your, friend Allan
  2. Your friend Allan:
  3. Your friend, Allan
  4. Your friend Allan,
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
Grade 3 Industrialization
Who built the first airplane?
  1. Allan Lockheed
  2. Gustave Whitehead
  3. The Wright Brothers
Grade 8 US History
Which author is remembered for his reading textbooks?
  1. William McGuffey
  2. Noah Webster
  3. Washington Irving
  4. Edgar Allan Poe
Grade 7 Capitalization
Which of the following sentences is capitalized correctly?
  1. This week we read Edgar Allan Poe's story, the tell-tale heart.
  2. This week we read Edgar Allan Poe's story, The Tell-Tale Heart.
  3. This week we read edgar allan poe's story, the tell-tale heart.
  4. This week we read edgar allan poe's story, The Tell-Tale Heart..
Grade 9 The Bells

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In "The Bells," which of the following emotions does Edgar Allan Poe focus on?
  1. anger and envy
  2. joy, fear, and grief
  3. pity and fear
  4. love and unselfishness
College Education Theory
Grade 8 Parts of Speech
Is the participle a present or past participle? Is it used as a verb or adjective?
Allan should have looked at the price tag first.
  1. present participle-verb
  2. present participle-adjective
  3. past participle-verb
  4. past participle-adjective
Grade 7 Edgar Allen Poe CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.7.2b
Using the word bank, fill in the word that best fits each definition.

1.the act of killing                 immolation (n)                 
2.to annoy or worry          vex (v)          
3.to completely surround or cover                enveloped (v)                
4.quality of being able to make hard decisions               sagacity (n)               
5.idea that you have, but can not prove                   suppositions (n)                   
6.measurement of wood and stone in a building                 scantlings (n)                 
7.acting in a relaxed or confident manner                suavity (adj)                
8.something that doesn't have value or importance              trifles (n)              
9.state of being laughed at               derision (n)               
10.manner of speaking                utterance (n)                
11.expert or judge                  connoisseur (n)                  
12.someone who does something in a skilled way               virtuoso (n)               
13.to go away or escape from a place secretly                absconded (v)                
14.watery discharge from the eyes or nose            rheum (n)            
15.difficult to deal with                  obstinate (adj)                  
16.act of making gestures                    gesticulation (n)                    
17.flaming torch                flambeaux (n)                
18.straight sword with narrow blade and sharp edges             rapier (n)             
19.pointed tool for working with stone                puncheons (n)                
20.large destructive fire; war or conflict                    conflagration (n)                    

Bonus Question: When and where did Poe die?                              October 9,1849 in Baltimore                              

Word Bank:
conflagrashun punchuns rapeyur flambow jestickulashun

obstineight room ubskonded virchewoso connissuer

utterants derishun trifells swavity skantlings

supposishuns sajasity envelupped vecks immolashun
Grade 5 Homonyms
Read the following story. Look for homophones that have been used incorrectly. Circle the incorrect homophones, and write the correct spelling of the homophone which should have been used above the incorrect one.

Once upon a time, their was a boy named Fred. His hole name was Frederick, but he only liked people to call him Fred. One day, he was very board because it was the winter, and all of his friends were on vacation. He decided too go on a quest. The only problem was Fred didn't no what to look for on his quest, so he didn't know where to find it. Then he remembered a story about a terrible creature with huge clause and read eyes. His brother, Allan, had told him the tail when he was much younger. The creature was supposed to hide in the thicket of trees at the end of the street, but you could here him howl allowed in bad weather.

Fred new the story was true because he could hear the creature's noises during the thunderstorm that past threw the town last week. He decided that he wood find the monster and shoot it with his BB gun to save the neighborhood from the monster's screeching. However, when Fred finally maid it to the thicket, the woulds were totally bear accept for one chattering squirrel that tried to steel his mittens write off his hands.

"Could this be the monster from my brother's tail?" thought Fred. Then it suddenly began to reign, and Fred ran home when he herd the thunder. He didn't here the creature until he got inside his house, and that made him realize that the noise wasn't from a monster. Other things could make that noise, to. It was just the wind blowing threw the attic.
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