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Grade 9 Study Skills and Strategies
The two most common types of learners are:
  1. Visual and Kinesthetic
  2. Auditory and Kinesthetic
  3. Visual and Auditory
Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
The root in the word AUDITORY means:
  1. hear
  2. see
  3. feelings about
  4. sound
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
The dorsal auditory stream terminates in the                                                          and is involved in                                                         .
  1. posterior parietal cortex; sound localization
  2. prefrontal cortex; analysis of complex sound
  3. parabelt region of the temporal lobe; sound localization
  4. posterior temporal cortex; sound localization
  5. posterior parietal cortex; analysis of complex sound
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
How are auditory signals carried to the brain?
  1. statoacoustic nerve
  2. trigeminal nerve
  3. auditory lemniscus
  4. cochlear nerve
  5. organ of corti
Grade 11 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
In what lobe is the auditory cortex located?
  1. frontal lobe
  2. parietal lobe
  3. occipital lobe
  4. temporal lobe
Grade 9 Study Skills and Strategies
Grade 9 Study Skills and Strategies
College Health and Medicine
The term Sensorineural refers to...
  1. No true pathology
  2. Inner ear and/ or auditory nerve
  3. Auditory nerve and/ or Central pathway
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Which of the following is true of the central auditory system?
  1. Auditory association is located in the frontal lobe
  2. Each hemisphere receives info from one ear
  3. The most medial portion of the auditory cortex gets info from the apical end
  4. The auditory cortex has a tonotopic organization
  5. All of the above
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Indicate which of the following is the correct pathway by which auditory information flows to the brain.
  1. auditory nerve-cochlear nuclei-superior olivary nuclei-medial geniculate-auditory cortex
  2. auditory nerve-cochlear nuclei-superior olivary nuclei-inferior colliculus medial geniculate-auditory cortex
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What does Auditory Processing measure?
  1. Estimates how the neural pathway and auditory cortex influence speech understanding
  2. Estimate of speech understanding at suprathreshold levels
  3. Estimate of the neural pathway at suprathreshold levels
  4. Estimate of speech understanding and auditory cortex influence
College Health and Medicine
What is AEP (auditory evoked potentials)?
  1. A sound produced by the inner ear but measured in the ear canal
  2. An objective measure of cochlear outer hair cell function
  3. Auditory brainstem response that represents the brains response to sound
  4. Acoustic energy generated in response to sound by active processes in the cochlea
College Speech and Voice Disorders
Grade 12 Psychology
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