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Grade 7 Algebraic Expressions CCSS: 7.EE.A.1
  1. 21+13x
  2. 20x-7
  3. 21x+13
  4. 19x+21
  5. Not Here
Grade 8 Defining Words
  1. partiality; slanted opinion
  2. excessive desire, especially for wealth or possessions
  3. friend; supporter
  4. concern; understanding; mercy
Grade 10 Vocabulary
  1. sympathy, helpfulness or mercy
  2. irritation, frustration
  3. foe, opponent, adversary
  4. careful and hard-working
Grade 2 Map Components
Grade 7 Map Components
A compass rose
  1. tells a maps orientation
  2. shows distance on a map
  3. shows symbols
Grade 4 Map Components
Grade 8 Map Components
A compass rose is
  1. the needle on the compass
  2. helpful if you traveling in an unfamiilar place
  3. a guide to directions on a map
  4. a flower that only grows in the south of France
Grade 2 Map Components
  1. a group of people who belong to a community
  2. shows you how to read a map
  3. gives directions on a map
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 10 Defining Words
Characterized by tenderness, compassion and sympathy.
  1. interlude
  2. robust
  3. human
  4. humane
  5. pious
Grade 9 Defining Words
to feel compassion or pity for someone
  1. sympathetic
  2. gripe
  3. ornate
  4. pacify
Grade 10 Circles
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