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Grade 9 Atmosphere
A Doppler radar picks up
  1. heat.
  2. wind.
  3. precipitation.
Grade 8 Waves and Sound
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Doppler radar systems are used
  1. to locate storms.
  2. to track weather balloons.
  3. to determine air temperature.
  4. to determine barometric pressure.
Grade 8 Universe
Evidence scientists use to support the Big Bang Theory
  1. Dark Matter, Blue Shift
  2. Cosmology, Red Shift
  3. Parallax, Doppler Effect (Blue Shift)
  4. Background Radiation, Doppler Effect (Red Shift)
Grade 8 Waves and Sound
What are sounds with frequencies below 20 Hz called?
  1. Infrasonic
  2. Ultrasonic
  3. Audible frequencies
  4. Doppler effect
Grade 9 Stars

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The process in which smaller atomic nuclei combine into large atomic nuclei is known as
  1. gravitational attraction.
  2. parallax.
  3. nuclear fusion.
  4. the Doppler effect.
Grade 8 Waves and Sound
What is it called when the crests of two waves overlap and result in an increased wave amplitude?
  1. destructive interference
  2. constructive interference
  3. Doppler effect
  4. resonance
Grade 12 Physics
Which phenomenon in quantum mechanics is influenced by the Lorentz force?
  1. Doppler Effect
  2. Photoelectric Effect
  3. Zeeman Effect
  4. Compton Effect
Grade 12 Waves and Sound
Grade 8 Waves and Sound
Due to the Doppler effect, when moving AWAY from the source of a sound,
  1. the pitch of the sound should get lower.
  2. the pitch of the sound should get higher.
  3. the sound should get louder.
  4. the sound should get more quiet.
Grade 11 Waves and Sound
The Doppler Effect causes a change in perception of the pitch of source of sound because in the same period of time
  1. if the distance between source and observer increases, the waves must spread out.
  2. if the distance between source and observer decreases, the waves must be compressed.
  3. the same number of waves must fit between the source and the observer.
  4. All of the above are correct.
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